Chez Lutgarde

front view of the Chez Lutgarde bar in Brussels. There are two parasols and four outside tables. The name "Chez Lutgarde" is in red.
© Hannah Casier

With the name Chez Lutgarde, it is not surprising they mostly serve beers from the young Lasne brewery Abbaye d’Aywiers, better known by the name most of their beers carry: Lutgarde. You could even consider this bar the downtown taproom of the brewery. What drew us in, however, were the advertisements for some Brussels breweries you don’t see in that many other bars yet, like Brasserie Vandekelder! Once inside, we discovered that actually all the beers they serve, are from small, independent breweries, and quite a lot of them even from Brussels!

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It’s been a while since we had an excuse to visit Schaerbeek to report on a new beery destination, but the Python Beer Cellar finally lured us back to the city of donkeys!

The modern looking bar—but with just a touch of curly nostalgia—is quite a walk away from the other beer bars in Schaarbeek, therefore serving a completely different herd of customers, who can—and should—make this bar their own. 

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We don’t like to repeat ourselves, but the amount of burger places with some attention for beer is considerable, so once again, we visit a burger restaurant: Broebbeleir. This time, we have to compose the burger ourselves from scratch, there aren’t any chef’s suggestions to avoid it. However, there are enough options to make yourself a tasty burger, and a couple of sides if you don’t think it will be enough. And there is beer, of course!

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It makes so much sense to have a beer with your chips, it is just crazy nobody thought to open a craft beer chip shop in Brussels before. Bintje stepped up to the plate, and opened their chip shop in the Chatelain area of Ixelles last December. Not only do they serve two draught beers — currently both from De la Senne — with their organic chips, there are dozens more of excellent bottled and canned beers — both Belgian and foreign — to choose from, certainly a lot more than any other bar in the neighbourhood, as far as we know! 

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Dekkera, “la bièrerie du quartier Wiels“, is the first venue in Forest appearing on our blog. The reason for this is simple: in Forest, Dekkera probably is the first and only beer bar — and shop — not serving and selling ‘big beer’, but exclusively local and other Belgian craft beer. Of course, that that is exactly what we like to see!



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It can be quite frightening when upon entering Caberdouche, you see big tanks of Stella below your feet in the pits of hell where they belong… Or maybe it is just a floor window offering a glimpse of the the beer cellar of the bar? Luckily, there’s quite a bit more on offer, among which a dedicated Brussels Beer Project tap, and a couple of beers from Tiny Rebel, that not quite so tiny anymore Welsh brewery, that seems to become more available in Brussels every passing day. 

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In Schaerbeek, the bar scene is moving at a very high pace, and just a couple of weeks ago, yet another bar opened in this northern municipality: Copain. It’s just two blocks down from 1030 Café, so the area is actually becoming quite interesting for bar hoppers who’d like to drink something else than just cheap lager or one of those abbey ales that are a dime a dozen. The subtitle “Beer, Wine & Friends” sums up the bar quite nicely: a place to enjoy quality drinks, in nice, sometimes very cosy, surroundings.

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Les 3 Frères

UPDATE: Closed permanently…

It must be that the love for good beer — made with an equal amount of love — is infectious, since once again, we find ourselves in Saint-Gilles, at only a few hundred meters from ‘patient zero’, Moeder Lambic. At Les 3 Frères (the three brothers) this love for beer — especially for those made by De la Senne and Tartaruga — comes with a love for food as well, serving dishes ranging from a simple soup or croque monsieur, to tagliatelle with asparagus, courgettes and artichokes, and perfectly cooked steak.

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