Burgers and beer are an excellent combination, we have mentioned that before. Not everybody likes burgers though, or at least not all the time. Luckily, at Houtsiplou the menu consist of more than just burgers, offering a range of classic Belgian dishes and some others as well. Your dining partner prefers beef carpaccio over beef burgers? No problem here!

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Pistolet Original

dsc_0028xHaving a beer with your lunch — even on a normal work day — isn’t uncommon in Belgium, but finding high quality beer in a sandwich place, is. At Pistolet Original they’re not only serving some of the best Brussels beers to drink with your ‘pistolet’, they even use our beloved Cantillon gueuze as an ingredient for their latest creation, the Zenne Pistolet Cantillon!

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DSC_0812Never not enough. That is the literal translation of the peculiar name this restaurant goes by: Nüetnigenough. Don’t let the double negation fool you though: it is a Brussels word for a greedy glutton. Nüetnigenough is not an all-you-can-eat restaurant however, but it offers a fine selection of mostly very Belgian, often beer infused dishes, and more importantly, an even finer selection of Belgian beers.

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Pin Pon

UPDATE: Closed, and was replaced by a Broebbeleir.

IMG_7194It was about time we wrote something about a place serving dinner again, and one of the places we’ve been wanting to try for a while already, was Pin Pon, in the Marolles. Sure, we had been there a couple of times before, but only for drinks, never even having seen the restaurant space on the top floor.

This time we took the plunge and went up the stairs to try their kitchen as well. We weren’t disappointed!

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DSC_0131Apart from carbonnades flamandes and stoemp, there are few dishes as Belgian as meatballs in tomato sauce. At the recently opened BALLEKES restaurant they do meatballs very well, but not just with tomato sauce! Other options you’ll have to try, are a cherry sauce, a mushroom sauce, a sauce with sirop de Liège, a trappist beer and chicon sauce, and a regularly changing special. 

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Viva M’Boma

Update: Out of business…

Viva M Boma DSC_0651Viva M’Boma is not your typical restaurant, since it is specialised in offal dishes: livers, kidneys, tongues, intestines, cheeks, udders… For the less adventurous eaters, there are more familiar Belgian dishes on the menu as well, like stoemp saucisses and carbonnades Flamandes with chips.

We decided to have a mixed starter dish, consisting of boudin blanc, dry pork sausage, and bread with rillettes, followed by the ‘safe choice’ stoemp saucisses, and the fried liver with cream sauce and bacon. We thoroughly enjoyed al dishes served, and are curious to try some more!

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Fin de Siècle

20160318 Fin de Siècle IMG_1866_webWhen you pass by Fin de Siècle in the evening, there are usually a couple of people standing at the bar. They’re not there just to have a drink, but they’re waiting to be seated. It’s a logical result of their no reservations policy, but it’s always a good sign if you see people are willing to put up with the wait, isn’t it?

We were lucky when we went for dinner there this week, we only had to wait for a couple of minutes before being shown to ‘our’ table. ‘Our’ between quotation marks, since you’ll rarely have the table to yourself here: you’ll be seated where ever there are some places left at the long, communal tables.

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