DSC_0812Never not enough. That is the literal translation of the peculiar name this restaurant goes by: Nüetnigenough. Don’t let the double negation fool you though: it is a Brussels word for a greedy glutton. Nüetnigenough is not an all-you-can-eat restaurant however, but it offers a fine selection of mostly very Belgian, often beer infused dishes, and more importantly, an even finer selection of Belgian beers.

DSC_0819Some classic main courses, like the beef stew with (Rochefort) beer sauce, stoemp saucisses, and the honey roast ham leg with a Dijon mustard sauce, will probably always be available. It was nice to notice though, that Nüetnigenough regularly changes the suggestions on the menu — available online as well.

We had some salted Gruyére as a starter — although it was listed as tapas — with a nice bottle of saison to share. As our mains, we had the pork with honey-mustard sauce, and the shepherd’s pie with Stouterik beer. Both were quite nice, but I remember I liked the ham leg I had at a previous visit a lot better.
We picked our own beers with the mains, so we didn’t really test the food pairing skills of the staff.

DSC_0823If you’ve had some beers by Brassserie de la Senne before, you might recognise the artwork of Jean Goovaerts in the logo of the restaurant on the window, menus and in the painting against the wall behind the bar. It’s no surprise then that the De la Senne beers feature prominently on the beer menu, as does that other Brussels brewery, Cantillon. But the list — mainly sorted by brewery — goes on, and contains a number of very interesting breweries you don’t find just anywhere: Struise BrouwersHof Ten DormaalDochter van de KorenaarAlvinne
Nüetnigenough seems to have a special relationship with Alvinne, serving more of their beers than from any other brewery — one exclusively brewed for this restaurant — and even providing catering at the Alvinne Craft Beer Festival (next edition in 2017!).

There are four beers available on draught: Dupont‘s pils and saison, and two suggestions from other breweries, like for instance during our visit Oak Podge, a nice imperial stout from Alvinne.

You might notice some people drinking at the bar, and be tempted to drop by for just a beer. However, Nüetnigenough is first and foremost a restaurant, and those people are most like just waiting for a table to free up, since Nüetnigenough doesn’t take reservations. You should try to eat at Nüetnigenough at least once though, the beer alone already warrants a visit!

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  • 4 beers on draught: Dupont’s pils and saison, and two ‘suggestions’
  • Interesting bottle list: a couple of breweries that are hard to find here


  • Belgian cuisine
  • Some original dishes as well, like lasagna with oxtail and Ardennes sausage

Rue du Lombardstraat 25
1000 Brussel
+32 2 513 78 84

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