Le Barboteur – Bièrothèque

We weren’t quite sure which venue to start our blog with, until we noticed a tweet from a friend, picturing a beer menu with a long list of American beers. As it turned out, she was at Le Barboteur where they were having an American themed week, called “Craft Bless America”. So of course, the next day we went … Read more

Belgium Beer Week

It is a sad year for beer festivals, since about all of them have been cancelled. However, that doesn’t mean there is nothing to do for beer lovers! During the very first edition of the Belgium Beer Week—from 24 till 30 August 2020—you’ll get the opportunity to enjoy a large number of small beer events … Read more

Buying Beer when Bars are Barred

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic measures, going to a bar or restaurant to enjoy a fresh draught beer isn’t an option anymore for the next couple of weeks… After drinking all the beers you had in your fridge, where can you get some more? When the first version of this article appeared about a week … Read more

Swafff! Brussels Craft Beer Festival 2019

The third edition of the Swafff! Brussels Craft Beer Festival this weekend, kicks off the beer festival summer in Brussels again. On Saturday the 18th and Sunday the 19th of May, Karreveld Castle and its grounds will be the place to be anyone interested in sampling beers from almost 20 Belgian and other European breweries. Add some … Read more

Swafff! Brussels Craft Beer Fffestival 2018

If you’ve been to any of the beer bars in Brussels, it would have been hard to miss: the beer festival summer in Brussels kicks off again this weekend with the second edition of the Swafff! Brussels Craft Beer Fffestival. It has already started a little bit with several Swafff Week events in a number of bars—still … Read more

Central Park

Schaerbeek is huge, and to get from 1030 Café to the Barboteur is quite a walk. Luckily, about halfway, you’ll find Central Park, right on the edge of the Josaphat Park it is obviously referring to. During your pit-stop there, you’ll be able to choose from ten beers on draught, among which a few familiar locals … Read more

Swafff! Brussels Craft Beer Fffestival 2017

It looks like it will be a great beer festival summer in Brussels this year, and it already kicks off this weekend with Swafff! Brussels Craft Beer Fffestival. On both Saturday the 24th and Sunday the 25th of June, more than 30 Belgian and foreign breweries will serve us their best beers in Les Ecuries van … Read more

Barboteur Beersdays #1

We started this blog with an article about Le Barboteur – Bièrothèque a couple of weeks ago, and already this weekend — Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 May — they will be celebrating their first birthday. They’re doing this in style, organising a beer festival with an impressive list of attending breweries. It looks like the first edition … Read more