Swafff! Brussels Craft Beer Fffestival 2017

It looks like it will be a great beer festival summer in Brussels this year, and it already kicks off this weekend with Swafff! Brussels Craft Beer Fffestival. On both Saturday the 24th and Sunday the 25th of June, more than 30 Belgian and foreign breweries will serve us their best beers in Les Ecuries van de Tram

If you went to last year’s Barboteur Beersdays #1 and you’re still waiting for #2: don’t wait any longer, because this is it! And at the same time it isn’t… Seb of Le Barboteur – Bièrothèque, is indeed one of the organisers, but this year he joined forces with some other Brussels craft beer activists: Grégoire of Dynamo – Bar de Soif, and Malt Attacks‘ Antoine. The three of them contacted all the brewers they know and love, and managed to convince a great number of them to come to Schaerbeek this weekend.

As a result, there will be 15 breweries from Belgium attending— including all Brussels breweries — and 22 from the rest of Europe: England, France, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, and Switzerland. For those already planning to go to BXL BeerFest: there is absolutely no need to choose between the two festivals, since there is hardly any overlap in the lists of foreign breweries!

As is customary for most beer festivals, you’ll have to buy an entrance ticket for either Saturday, Sunday, or the whole weekend, which will include a different number of tokens depending on the ticket, and the festival glass. It’s best to buy your tickets online, if you want to avoid queuing. The glass is actually a 30 cl glass, but a token will get you a 15 cl fill, still a rather generous size that is becoming more rare on beer festivals these days…

So why the big glass? Well, the Saturday and weekend ticket will also give you access to a live music performance and DJ afterparty on Saturday evening, and although the brewery stands will be closed then, you’ll be able to order full glasses from some of the more popular festival beers at the dedicated party bar!

Brussels breweries at Swafff

  • Brasserie de la Senne
  • Brussels Beer Project
  • Cantillon
  • En Stoemelings
  • Nanobrasserie de l’Ermitage
  • No Science
  • Beerstorming

Other Belgian breweries at Swafff

  • Alvinne
  • Belgoo
  • Brasserie de Bastogne
  • Ça Brasse Pour Moi
  • Gueuzerie Tilquin
  • Hof Ten Dormaal
  • Siphon
  • ‘t Verzet

Foreign breweries at Swafff

  • Brasserie Trois Dames (CH)
  • Anspach & Hobday (UK)
  • Bendorf (FR)
  • Brew By Numbers (UK)
  • La Debauche (FR)
  • Dougall’s (ES)
  • Eastside (IT)
  • Kees (NL)
  • Kinn Bryggeri (NO)
  • Laugar (ES)
  • Lervig (NO)
  • Malmo Brewing (SW)
  • Mont Salève (FR)
  • Napar (ES)
  • La Nébuleuse (CH)
  • Northern Monk (UK)
  • Piggy Brewing (FR)
  • Pohjala (EST)
  • Ritual Lab (IT)
  • Tempest (UK)
  • Het Uiltje (NL)
  • Weird Beard (UK)



  • 36 breweries from Belgium and the rest of the world


  • All kinds of food stalls.


    • Saturday ticket : € 18,- (5 tokens + glass + Live Music & DJ afterparty)
    • Sunday ticket: € 15,- (4 tokens + glass)
    • Weekend ticket : € 25,- (7 tokens + glass + Live Music & Saturday afterparty)
    • A set of 5 extra tokens for € 10,-

Be at the Ecuries van de Tram

  • On Saturday June 24, from 14:00 until 22:00
  • On Sunday June 25, from 12:00 until 22:00
Les Ecuries van de Tram
Rubensstraat 95 Rue Rubens
1030 Schaarbeek
+32 2 242 05 91


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