Vintage Hotel

We didn’t expect to ever write about a hotel on our blog, since the beer offer in hotel bars usually is quite limited and overall disappointing. However,  Vintage Hotel is a welcome exception!

From the four beer pumps behind the bar pour beers by Brasserie de la Senne, Brasserie Dupont,
Brasserie de Bastogne and Cantillon. You read that correctly: Cantillon beer — their Kriek this time — on draught in a hotel bar!

The bottle list of the Vintage Hotel‘s ’boutique wine bar’ — as it is described on the website — may be short, but it includes even more beers by Cantillon and De Bastogne, and a couple of trappist beers.

Scattered around the bar-cum-breakfast-room, there are some Cantillon bottles and De la Senne boxsets for sale to take home, for the hotel guests who can’t make it to the breweries themselves.

The food on offer is limited to the usual crisps and cheese, and some Ardennes dry sausages.

When you go to the Vintage Hotel for a beer, don’t just wait at the bar: it is appears to be very much a one man — or woman — operation in the evening, so announce yourself at the reception desk first!




  • 4 beers on draught
    • Cantillon
    • Dupont
    • De la Senne
    • De Bastogne
  • More Cantillon, De Bastogne & De la Senne beers on bottle


  • Crisps, cheese & dry sausages


Vintage Hotel
Rue Dejonckerstraat 45
1060 Sint-Gillis
+32 2 533 99 80


What have people been drinking here recently?