The Huggy’s Bar

The Huggy’s Bar is a burger restaurant chain with two location in Brussels, in American sports bar style — there was even a cycling race on when we were in — but with a difference: instead of some commercial lager, they serve a whole range of their own beers, neatly paired with their burgers. Noteworthy as well: you can have an unlimited amount of chips with your burger!


The Huggy’s Bar is not a brewery, neither do they intend to become one, and they proudly display the fact that all their beers are brewed at Brasserie {C}, in Liège, where the first Huggy’s Bar opened in 2012, the same year that microbrewery started. Like we mentioned, they serve a whole range of completely different beers, so there is at least one to match each burger: their first beer was a Belgian pale ale called THBEER, but is was quickly followed by pilsner Pilsa, Belgian blonde Blondie, raspberry and elderberry beer Rosita, Belgian IPA Shiva, tripel Trinity,  strong stout Blackie, and witbier Whitney. The IPA and tripel we had were not exceptional, but quite okay, and although it would be perfectly possible to find a beer in each style to serve with the burgers, we understand and even like the idea of a restaurant wanting to have a range of beers to call their own.

There are dozens of burgers to choose from, and there even is a flow chart on the menu to help you make your selection. For each burger one of their each beers is suggested under the description on the food menu, but if you have your heart set on a specific beer, it is probably easier to check in the beer menu which burgers are suggested for the beer of your choice. The burgers were surprisingly nice for a burger chain, but one should of course keep in mind, this restaurant is more in the gourmet burger category — pricing included — than the fast food category, even though we were served remarkably quickly.

One thing very unlike other gourmet burger restaurants, is the unlimited supply of chips and coleslaw you can have with your burgers. A bottle of ketchup and mayonnaise — by Brussels Ketjep — are already on the table, but it is possible to order some other, homemade sauces as well, although you’ll have to pay a little extra for those.




  • 8 beers on draught
    • Brewed by Brasserie {C} especially for The Huggy’s Bar


  • Over 40 different burgers
  • Unlimited chips & coleslaw!


The Huggy’s Bar
Rue Jourdanstraat 8
1060 Sint-Gillis
+32 2 268 79 36


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