Swafff! Brussels Craft Beer Festival 2019


The third edition of the Swafff! Brussels Craft Beer Festival this weekend, kicks off the beer festival summer in Brussels again. On Saturday the 18th and Sunday the 19th of May, Karreveld Castle and its grounds will be the place to be anyone interested in sampling beers from almost 20 Belgian and other European breweries. Add some food, a DJ, four bands, games, and a bouncy castle, and you’ll have a fun filled weekend for the whole family ahead of you!

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Swafff! Brussels Craft Beer Fffestival 2018

If you’ve been to any of the beer bars in Brussels, it would have been hard to miss: the beer festival summer in Brussels kicks off again this weekend with the second edition of the Swafff! Brussels Craft Beer Fffestival. It has already started a little bit with several Swafff Week events in a number of bars—still some more tonight—but the main event is in Karreveld Castle on Saturday the 19th and Sunday the 20th of May, where more than 20 Belgian and other European breweries will gather to serve us their best beers.

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Le Phare du Kanaal

Although you’ll find people working on their laptops in most bars nowadays, at Le Phare du Kanaal this is an even more common occurrence than elsewhere. This isn’t surprising, considering Le Phare is a co-working space first and foremost. However, none of the offices I ever worked at had such a selection of beers from Brussels breweries to enjoy once the laptop closes… 

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UPDATE: Closed permanently…

Until recently, the only way to enjoy a couple of decent beers in Molenbeek, was to go to the De la Senne brewery, it seemed, and even they will be moving elsewhere soon. However, just last month a new bar opened, by the name of Brass’art. Fears of it only serving mint tea proved to be unfounded, and Mohamed Ouachen, the driving force behind this project, served us a couple of nice beers, and an — at least for us — exotic but tasty ‘threesome of flavours’ to accompany it.

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Brasserie de la Senne

UPDATE: Moved to Tour & Taxis, and added their Zennebar taproom!

dsc_0083xOn this blog, we’ve mentioned Brasserie de la Senne several times. For us, it’s always a reassurance to see their beers on draught in a bar, and a good indication somebody made at least some effort to put together an interesting beer list, including a selection of local products. It was high time we headed to Molenbeek and paid the brewery itself a visit!

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