La Pouletterie en Ville

UPDATE: Closed permanently…

A well-known, centuries old, derisive term to describe the inhabitants of Brussels, is “Kiekefretters“, which translates to ‘chicken devourers’. However, with a name like that, there are remarkably few chicken restaurants in Brussels. La Pouletterie en Ville is one of the more recent restaurants trying to fill that gap, and very successfully, we must say!
Is one main ingredient—roast chicken, of course—and one beer on draught—Bertinchamps Blonde—really all you need?

Well, we said ‘restaurant’, but we could just as easily have said ‘food truck’, because that is basically what La Pouletterie en Ville is: a food truck in a big garage, but despite the large space, turned into quite a cosy dining area. You enter through the big open garage door, order and pay at the food truck, and take your drinks and have a seat at one of the tables.

During our visit the beer choice was limited to one brewery—Bertinchamps—but about the whole range of their regular beers was available: Blonde, Brune, Triple, Blanche, Pamplemousse and even their art promoting beer La Prose. Normally they would have some De la Senne beers as well, but they seemed to have run out of them.

The food is served on compostable plates. Often these end up in the normal trash anyway, but at La Pouletterie they are collected separately, so I hope they are indeed put to good use somehow on the farm where the free range chicken served here are reared.

The food menu is simple: a quarter or half roast chicken, with two sides—chosen from chips, baked baby potatoes, apple sauce, and vegetables—and a sauce. Simple, but good: the chicken was tender and moist, the homemade sauce very tasty, as were the sides.

If you really don’t like bones in your food, there is a chicken burger on the menu as well…




  • 1 beer on draught: Bertinchamps Blonde
  • Other Bertinchamps beers in bottle
  • Some De la Senne beers


  • Roast chicken & sides


La Pouletterie en Ville
Vleurgatsesteenweg 176 Chaussée de Vleurgat
1050 Elsene
+32 472 13 36 95


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