Fight Club

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We’ve had our fair share of pizzas in Brussels already, but New York-style pizza as it is made at Fight Club, that was a first for us. Not only has this cosy corner restaurant something new and interesting to eat, it also exclusively serves Brussels beers! A tasty slice of pepperoni pizza and a glass of Brasserie de la Mule Lager from the tap, who could resist that?

Pizzaiolo picking up a slice of New York-style pizza, from a dish with the rest of the pizza

Fight Club definitely has a predilection for local products. Next to the standard Lager and Tropical Lager by La Mule, they also had the canned versions of their Straight Saison and Berliner Weisse, at the time of our visit. If you prefer something even lighter—as in non-alcoholic—your options are DrinkDrink!‘s Trottinette or Wai-Iti Bob by Janine Boulangerie-Brasserie, one of the breweries at CoHop.

It might not be a long beer list, but there has definitely gone some thought into it, and for a pizza place, it is more than sufficient.

New York-style pizza

The main attraction however, is of course the New York-style pizza! They’re not dissimilar to the Neapolitan pizza—where its roots lie after all—but as everything in America, it’s bigger. A whole pizza has a diameter of 50 centimeters, which would be too much for most people. Luckily the pizza’s can be ordered by the slice as well—just like in New York—which also gives you the opportunity to try different pizzas in one visit. If you’re hungry, you can easily try the whole pizza menu, as like the beer menu, it’s kept short and simple: Margherita, Pepperoni, and the ‘Speciale‘ of the moment.

There are a couple of side dishes as well, if you want some more variation. Some salads and vegetables, of course, but also polpette (little meatballs, hold the spaghetti), and oven baked potato wedges with herbs, although the latter are on the menu with the slightly deceptive name ‘frites’… Name notwithstanding, they were delicious! It was also nice to see a hot sauce by Swet on the table, another testament to their dedication to local products.

Fight Club being so dangerously close to Parvis Saint-Gilles, we wouldn’t be surprised if, after a couple of beers in the area, we end up here again soon…



  • 2 beers on draught, both from Brasserie de la Mule
  • A couple of cans and bottles, all from Brussels breweries


  • New York-style pizza, sold by the slice or as a whole
  • Meatballs, oven baked potato wedges, and salads to have on the side
Fight Club
Chaussée de Waterloosesteenweg 50
1060 Sint-Gillis
+32 2 268 09 40

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