Booze’n Blues

DSC_0894It’s not very likely we will ever again feature a bar where the eight “draft beers” on the menu are actually just the 25 cl and 50 cl version of each of their InBev pilsners, a mazout (pilsner with coke), and three sous-marins with different jenevers… The Booze’n Blues however, has a trick up its sleeve: about every currently available beer of Brasserie de la Senne! The jukebox is nice too, of course.

DSC_0891When I say “every currently available beer”, that includes the seasonal beers when in season — like for example the Saison du Meyboom right now — and even the brewery’s experimental Wadesda beers when they are released. Jambe-de-Bois — even though it’s not listed with the “draft beers” — is available on tap.

Apart from De la Senne‘s beers, there are a few surprises on the bottle list with only Belgian beers, like the quite new — and quite nice — Tripel LeFort (Omer Vander Ghinste), and of course the fabulous gueuze and kriek from Cantillon.

The beers 7PK (Anders! for De Winning) and La Hamaide (Brasserie des Légendes) are not very common, but not really worth a detour either. And I hope you don’t mind too much if your beer isn’t served in the correspondingly branded glass!

The real attraction of this bar is the music of course — not unexpectedly lots of blues — and the quirky decoration of the place, including a fortune telling machine — still in use — and an antique chocolate bar vending machine — not in use anymore. Not just for decoration but adding to the decor nevertheless, is the jukebox: for 50 cents you get to play two songs of your choice.

DSC_0901We didn’t expect to find anything interesting to eat at the Booze’n Blues, so we already had quite a filling meal at home. We instantly regretted this after seeing the freshly restocked, huge, tasty looking sausages in the food display cabinet. We’ll have to give them a try another time…

When you get there early enough, there should still be some soup waiting for you, in one of those commercial soup warmers.
Furthermore, as in most bars, bags of crisps and portions of cheese are available as well.

So next time we visit the Booze’n Blues, we’ll have soup, a sausage, and the latest beer of De la Senne!

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  • 3 beers on draught: 2 InBev pilsners & Jambe-de-Bois
  • Concise, but sometimes interesting bottle list


  • Huge sausages
  • Cheese
  • Soup, until it runs out

Booze 'n Blues
Rijkeklarenstraat 20 Rue des Riches Claires
1000 Brussel
+32 2 513 93 33

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