It was the worst of times, but probably also the best of times, to open Zennebar. The worst of times, since we’re still in the middle of a pandemic, which is a hard time for anyone in the hospitality industry. But it was also the best of times to open such a place, because a spacious terrace in an area with hardly any car traffic, is ideal in these times of social distancing. Add to that a fresh selection of Brasserie de la Senne‘s beers on draught, food by Fermenthings, and you’ve created the perfect—and safe—place to spend a couple of hours away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The Zennebar of course is part of the new De la Senne brewery complex at the Tour & Taxis site, but it is not just a taproom! The bar is currently open five days a week (Tuesday till Saturday) from noon till eight, which is more than taprooms are allowed to, but not quite (yet) the same as a ‘normal’ bar. That is just a matter of licensing though, eventually you should be able to stay quite a bit later until you hear the last call…

Being the De la Senne bar, the beers served are of course De la Senne‘s own beers, both on draught and in bottle. Everything available on draught is served in three sizes—25cl, 33cl, and 50cl—and boy, a ‘pint’ of Brussels Calling or Zenne Pils can certainly be very welcome on one of those hot days we’ve had recently!

Although we’re sure the served beers are fresh—both in temperature and age—it is rather strange to see they set up their beer ‘cellar’ right in the open, smack in the middle of the brewery, so especially when brewing even warmer than room temperature. In this day and age, when most breweries and modern bars see the advantage of the ‘cold chain’ and refrigerated storage, an odd choice, to say the least…


The bar doesn’t have its own kitchen, or at least not yet, but almost-neighbours Fermentings regularly set up a shop on the terrace or inside the brewery to serve all kinds of fermented snacks and other bites. On Friday during the day they serve Rotte Potjes, and in the evening, and on Saturday all day, you can order a plancha with a couple of fermented vegetables, cheeses and charcuterie, or bread with a choice of veggie or meaty hot filling. Outside of those hours, there are always some packets of crisps available.

Brewery Tours

The brewery shop was actually the first part of the complex that opened during lockdown (open from Monday till Friday 11.00-18.00), but the brewery itself is only opening for tours next month, starting on 5 September. The tours will not be conducted by brewery staff—which allows them to fully concentrate on their brewing duties—but by Once in Brussels, which is with whom you’ll have to book them too. However, you do already have a nice view—and smell—of the brewery from within the bar as well!



  • 8 De la Senne beers on draught
  • A selection of De la Senne bottles


  • Provided by Fermenthings
  • Crisps
Drève Anna Bochdreef 19-21
1000 Brussel


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