It’s almost summer, and in the past month, we even had a little heatwave already. A shaded terrace in front of a bar can be a nice spot when that happens, but it’s even better to get away from all that heat retaining brick and concrete, and find some shade under the trees in one of the many public parks of Brussels. In more and more parks, we now see buvettes (re)opening, serving cool drinks on those hot days. In the park of Bois de la Cambre, it’s the team of Woodpecker that keeps us  hydrated, serving pints of Zinnebir and Jambe-de-Bois.

Both beers are available on draught, at Woodpecker, served in biodegradable 25 cl and 50 cl cups, but you’re welcome to bring your own reusable cups to avoid waste all together. For the non-beer drinkers, there is coffee, wine, and plenty of cocktails and lemonades available as well.

When you get hungry, you can order one of the three available sizable, warm wraps, if they didn’t run out of ingredients yet, that is. We tried the eponymous Woodpecker wrap, and it was a tasty lunch indeed. If you’re still hungry after that, there a still a couple of cakes and ice-creams to choose from.

There are some tables and benches in front of, and next to the buvette, but there are no sunshades. So when all the seats in the shade are taken, you might just want to get your beer, and find a nice tree to sit under!




  • 2 beers on draught: Zinnebir & Jambe-de-Bois


  • Wraps
  • Ice-cream & cakes


Gespanhoek 1 Carrefour des Attelages
1000 Brussel



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