Wanderlust 2018

 A new, one-day edition of Wanderlust, Brussels Beer Project‘s anniversary festival, will take place tomorrow, Saturday 15th September 2018, once again hosting a wide selection of befriended breweries from nearby—Belgium and the Netherlands— and far away. Unless something unexpected pops up, Wanderlust is already the last beer festival of the year, so don’t miss this opportunity to try some new beers!

While the previous editions of Wanderlust still celebrated the first (Good Beer Feast in 2016) and second (Wanderlust 2017) anniversary of the opening of the Brussels Beer Project brewery in the Rue Dansaert, the 2018 edition suddenly adds a couple of years—starting the count from the launch of their first beer Delta—and now celebrates their fifth anniversary. The location remains unchanged from last year—Quay 01, right next to the canal—just like the general concept: thirteen breweries from all over Europe, one from the United States, and of course Brussels Beer Project themselves, each pouring four of their beers.

The attending breweries this year are: Amundsen (Norway), Oedipus (Netherlands), Oud Beersel (Belgium), Pressure Drop (England), BrewDog Overworks (Scotland), Bakunin Brewery (Russia), Basqueland Brewing (Spain), Jolly Pumpkin (USA), Deck & Donohue (France), Tempest Brewing Co. (Scotland), Kaapse Brouwers (Netherlands), Alefarm Brewing (Denmark), and Galway Bay Brewery (Ireland).

As seems to become more and more commonplace at beer festivals—we had seen it at SWAFFF already—it is also possible to have any of the beers on draught canned to take home, to drink the next day. We wouldn’t risk keeping it much longer, since we doubt there will be an opportunity to purge the cans with CO2 before filling, to avoid oxidation…

If you buy your ticket online, you will get entrance, one Wanderlust glass, and nine beer tokens (for a 12.5 cl tasting each) for € 20. At the entrance you can still buy a ticket for just  € 12, but then only three tokens are included (plus glass and entrance, of course). Once in, additional tokens can be bought as well.

Food—bao, cheese burgers, fish & chips, ceviche, shrimp croquettes, Belgian fries and more—will all be provided by Equilibre.brussels this time. These excellent chefs have catered events at Brussels Beer Project before, but it will be interesting to see how they manage in a quite different beer festival setting.

Anyway, a happy anniversary to Brussels Beer Project, whatever the number is, and make the end of the Brussels beer festival season a great one!



  • 4 beers from each of the 14 different breweries, from all over Europe and the US


  • Bao, cheese burgers, fish & chips, ceviche, shrimp croquettes, Belgian fries and more, from  Equilibre.brussels


  • Online ticket: € 20,- (entrance + glass + 9 tokens)
  • At the door :   € 12,- (entrance + glass + 3 tokens)
  • Additional tokens:
    • € 10,- for 5 tokens
    • €  5,- for 2 tokens


  • At Quay01 (Avenue du Port 1, 1000 Brussels)
  • On Saturday 15 September 2018, from 13:00 until 23:00
Wanderlust - BBP Anniversary Festival
Havenlaan 1 Avenue du Port
1000 Brussel