Viva M’Boma

Update: Out of business…

Viva M Boma DSC_0651Viva M’Boma is not your typical restaurant, since it is specialised in offal dishes: livers, kidneys, tongues, intestines, cheeks, udders… For the less adventurous eaters, there are more familiar Belgian dishes on the menu as well, like stoemp saucisses and carbonnades Flamandes with chips.

We decided to have a mixed starter dish, consisting of boudin blanc, dry pork sausage, and bread with rillettes, followed by the ‘safe choice’ stoemp saucisses, and the fried liver with cream sauce and bacon. We thoroughly enjoyed al dishes served, and are curious to try some more!

Viva M Boma DSC_0642

Unfortunately, the beer side of the menu had us less excited: the most interesting beers available were Papegaei and a Girardin Gueuze 1882. And it wasn’t even the excellent, unfiltered and unpasteurized Black Label, but the considerably less alluring, much sweeter White Label

A chat with the staff gave us some hope for the beery future of this restaurant though: they’re considering adding some beers to the menu, and there was even mention of replacing one of the regular wine tastings by a beer tasting. We’ll be keeping an eye on their Facebook page!




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  • Girardin Gueuze 1882 (White Label) & Papegaei, and that’s about it…
  • Might be more beers coming!


  • Mostly offal dishes, but also a couple of classic Belgian dishes


Viva M'Boma
Vlaamsesteenweg 17 Rue de Flandre
1000 Brussel
+32 2 512 15 93

What have people been drinking here recently?