The Sister

DSC_0122xEvery now and then, you’ll find an organic beer on the beer list of a bar. Often by coincidence, because some good beers just happen to be organic, sometimes it is a deliberate choice to offer some organic options for the more environmentally and health conscious customer. At The Sister however, the menu almost exclusively lists organic dishes, beers and other drinks. Almost, since four of the five draught beers are InBev beers, which couldn’t be less organic or even craft. No need to drink them though, there are plenty of tasty beers on the organic list!

DSC_0123xAlmost every organic Belgian beer that exists is available at The Sister, although just one — St-Feuillien‘s Grisette Blonde — is available on draught. Like Belgian beers in general, a lot of beers are just average, but some are quite excellent. Don’t hesitate to ask if there are any beers (temporarily) available that aren’t on the list: we discovered Den Hopperd‘s very nice  Zwarte Madam Blackout XXX that way.

The Sister offers beer flights — four beers for €10 — as a way to sample different beers as well. I’m not quite sure how they manage that, since almost all their organic beers are bottled, meaning one flight would leave them with four open, unfinished bottles.

We went to The Sister for lunch, since the food menu mainly lists salads and focaccia sandwiches. There are about sixteen different versions available, all made with organic focaccia baked on stone by a family company in Auderghem. And don’t fear organic automatically means vegetarian or vegan (it doesn’t!): a couple of the sandwiches do have chicken as one of the ingredients. The focaccia sandwich is always accompanied by a cup of soup, which together makes it quite a filling lunch, not to mention a delicious one.

The little terrace in a side street of the Grand Place is very pleasant on a hot day, but the inside of The Sister is quite a bit bigger than the facade would suggest: there is a backroom ideal for small meetings, and on the first floor you could even have bigger events or activities.

In short: anyone with a weak spot for the organic lifestyle and beer, simply can’t afford to skip The Sister. It only needs a local & organic brewer able and willing to deliver some kegs to replace those awful InBev drinks…

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  • 5 beers on draught: 4 InBev beers & organic pale ale Grisette Blonde
  • Dozens of other Belgian organic beers in bottles


  • Focaccia sandwiches with soup
  • Salads
  • Small snacks like olives, cheese and sausages


The Sister Brussels Café
Vlees-en-Broodstraat 3 Rue Chair et Pain
1000 Brussel
+32 2 513 22 26


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