Wanderlust 2018

 A new, one-day edition of Wanderlust, Brussels Beer Project‘s anniversary festival, will take place tomorrow, Saturday 15th September 2018, once again hosting a wide selection of befriended breweries from nearby—Belgium and the Netherlands— and far away. Unless something unexpected pops up, Wanderlust is already the last beer festival of the year, so don’t miss this opportunity to try some new beers!

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Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona Daoibh!*

Or: a happy Saint Patrick’s Day to all of you!

The celebrations accompanying this Irish holiday spread all over the world, and have been adopted — or should I say appropriated? — by many not in any way linked to the Emerald Isle. In Brussels it’s no different, and you’ll see Manneken Pis in an Aran jumper, city hall illuminated in green, and loads of — intoxicated — people wearing either a leprechaun hat, or one shaped like pint of Guinness. Of course Guinness is heavily promoting theses celebrations, as if the doubling of consumption of their beers isn’t enough already…

But you can celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day in a more classy way, avoiding the aforementioned stout completely, and visit a couple of bars actually serving Irish craft beer, for the occasion. Eight Degrees Brewing in particular seems to be well represented.


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