Addict Bar

© Hannah Casier | Addict Bar

Addict Bar really was a lucky find. The Jupiler sign outside wouldn’t exactly lure us in, and a flickering gambling machine in the back usually is a warning to keep out… However, when one late night a friend dragged us to her neighbourhood bar, we discovered that these guys actually love beer! Local breweries on draught, and fridges full of beers from all kinds of independent breweries!

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Bap and Dak

It seems Korean food is becoming more and more popular in Brussels, and some of them really make an effort to make their beer menu as attractive as their food menu. An excellent example of this is Bap and Dak, in the Rue Lesbroussart in Ixelles.
Not only do they offer a tasty selection of Korean comfort food inspired by the vendors of the steamy Gwangjang market, but they also showcase some of the best local craft breweries!

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Bélier Bar

UPDATE: Closed permanently…

The bar with its six taps

Nothing about Bélier Bar exactly screams craft beer bar: the modest number of six, unbranded taps could be pouring anything, and the amount of spirits on the shelves behind the bar, would rather give you the impression this is a cocktail bar. They do cocktails indeed, but once you discover the beer list, you’ll immediately see that those are not their only strength!

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UPDATE: Opened a second location in Brussels centre.

With the addition of Patatak to the food scene in Saint-Gilles—already a year ago—there are really no excuses left to have a bad beer with your chips. This chip shop even has three beers—by Dupont and De la Senne—on draught! The chips themselves are freshly cut, and fried in beef fat, which has become a rarity in Brussels.

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Fernand Obb

From the outside, it would be easy to think Fernand Obb is yet another greasy spoon, but both the food and the beer menu will quickly show you it’s not: upscale burgers, luxury shrimp and cheese croquettes, and a wide range of local beers.

Don’t expect to find any chips though, but we promise you: you will not miss them at all!

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Au Marché National

We don’t go to the theatre often, and even this time, it was only to grab a bite in its restaurant, Au Marché National. Well, we were lured there by the prospect of an exclusive beer—No Science‘s TNT, brewed especially for the Théâtre National. Unfortunately, it’s only available—on draught—in the bar of the theatre, right next to the restaurant, which is apparently closed during lunchtime. Luckily for us, there are some nice bottled beers available in the restaurant.

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Super Fourchette

Super Fourchette describes itself as “Record restaurant, sustainable and comforting canteen, showcase for independent labels”. In this description, they neglect to mention that this ‘canteen’ also serves a nice selection of organic, Belgian beers to go with your lunch.  Pick your seat carefully though, and sit at one of the ‘listening tables’, if you want to listen to your own choice of music on vinyl or cassette, while having your beer and bite!

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It’s been a while since we had an excuse to visit Schaerbeek to report on a new beery destination, but the Python Beer Cellar finally lured us back to the city of donkeys!

The modern looking bar—but with just a touch of curly nostalgia—is quite a walk away from the other beer bars in Schaarbeek, therefore serving a completely different herd of customers, who can—and should—make this bar their own. 

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UPDATE: After being closed for a while, it reopened under new management. We have revisited it since, and it seems mostly unchanged.

Once again, we found ourselves in the Marolles, right next to the location of the famous flea market, this time at CHAFF. While the band was getting ready to play later on that evening, we picked a table on the first floor to have a couple of local beers—almost every brewery in Brussels was represented with at least one beer—and something to eat. Despite the large choice of rather healthy looking dishes, we decided to go for the burgers.

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La Bottega della Pizza

Pizza and beer, it still is a great combination! Most pizza places, however, offer little more than a commercial lager, and certainly no draught options. At La Bottega della Pizza Sablon, there’s at least the reassuring presence of a couple of De la Senne beers on draught, alongside Dupont‘s organic saison Biolégère, to go with the wide selection of Neapolitan pizzas.


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