Malting Pot

The Malting Pot has been around for quite a while, and as far as we know, it was the first beer shop in Brussels specialised in foreign beers. After the opening of other shops more conveniently located for us, we neglected Malting Pot a bit, quite unrightfully so! Today still, the small corner shop offers a great selection of foreign beers, without forgetting Belgian breweries like De Ranke and De Dochter van de Korenaar.

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Chez Bobonne

UPDATE: Closed permanently…

Restaurant – Shop – Bar – Brewery” it says in the logo of Chez Bobonne, and at first I thought that last word was just a wrong translation of the French word ‘brasserie‘, the type of restaurant. But lo and behold: on one of their Facebook photos, there was a real — albeit small — brewing installation! Not only that, but they displayed a great love for beer as well, and even before the official opening, we could see a couple of bottles of Dochter van de Korenaar pictured. A visit was inevitable…

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In Schaerbeek, the bar scene is moving at a very high pace, and just a couple of weeks ago, yet another bar opened in this northern municipality: Copain. It’s just two blocks down from 1030 Café, so the area is actually becoming quite interesting for bar hoppers who’d like to drink something else than just cheap lager or one of those abbey ales that are a dime a dozen. The subtitle “Beer, Wine & Friends” sums up the bar quite nicely: a place to enjoy quality drinks, in nice, sometimes very cosy, surroundings.

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