Bap and Dak

It seems Korean food is becoming more and more popular in Brussels, and some of them really make an effort to make their beer menu as attractive as their food menu. An excellent example of this is Bap and Dak, in the Rue Lesbroussart in Ixelles.
Not only do they offer a tasty selection of Korean comfort food inspired by the vendors of the steamy Gwangjang market, but they also showcase some of the best local craft breweries!

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UPDATE: Closed permanently…

Sometimes a lot of time goes in deciding which bar or restaurant to choose to feature next on our blog, going over our list of potential venues over and over again, trying to find something that fits our mood and the available time. And sometimes you just stumble upon a candidate when going out for an easy dinner in a recently opened burger bar. As it turns out, Chill’b perfectly fits the conditions to feature on here: is a place where you can have a nice meal, and — quite unexpectedly — with a good beer.

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