Bobbi Bao

Update: Out of business…

Whenever I pass Bobbi Bao, I can’t help but think of the Blues Brothers‘ rendition of the song Rubber Biscuit, which includes the words “Bow bow bow” at some point… However, there’s nothing rubbery about the soft Chinese steamed buns served there, and the tasty filling make you quickly forget the sad lunches described in the song.

What lured us in—apart from the prospect of pulled pork and fried chicken—was the fact this restaurant had their own brewery!

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The newest restaurant to try in the city center is Baogo. We must admit, we had reservations about burgers made with steamed buns, but as it turns out, bao are the perfect vehicle to get all kinds of delicious fillings in your belly! Those fillings are far from limited to the classic burger ingredients: apart from the usual beef, you’ll be able to choose a version with either pulled pork, panko chicken, prawns, panko salmon, or tofu. And did we already mention they have the local beers we all know and love?

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