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It has been a while since we’ve visited the very first smash burger restaurant in Brussels, and even Belgium… Many more have popped up since, but few qualified for our blog. The burger joint Smash in the Flagey area however, went the extra mile, and exclusively serves beers from Brussels breweries with their pressed patties.

The burger menu at Smash is really simple: Classic or Special cheeseburger—and it’s basically just the spicy mayo and red onion pickles that make it special—each available with one or two patties, or alternatively a veggie—with fried halloumi—or chicken burger. Adding a third patty or more cheese is possible as well, if you’re really hungry.

The side options are hand-cut fries—one size—and boneless fried chicken—two sizes. Simple, but it’s all you need from a burger place, isn’t it?

Smash puts specials like lobster rolls or a burger with Aubrac beef on the menu every once in a while, but no such thing was available during our visit. The normal menu was enough though, and provided all we needed for a very satisfying and tasty lunch!

Proper Glassware

Displayed on a shelf behind the counter, are the available beers: all cans from local breweries! It wasn’t even just the most ubiquitous ones, but cans from Surréaliste, L’Ermitage, and Witloof (brewing at CoHop). We were delighted to see Smash even had the appropriate glasses from each of those breweries!

Seating space is extremely limited though—there’s just a narrow counter along the window—so come when it’t not too busy, if you want to drink your beer from a glass!



  • A well-curated selection of canned beers from local breweries


  • Smash burgers, obviously!
  • Fries & fried chicken
Rue Van Elewyckstraat 1
1050 Elsene

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