Saco Pizza Bar

We’ve already taken you to a real Italian restaurant with this blog, but so far, we hadn’t yet mentioned the Italian fast food par excellence: pizza. There are dozens of pizza places in Brussels, but as often is the case with fast food places, serving good beer is rarely a priority there. A happy exception to this rule is Saco Pizza Bar, serving both great pizzas, and an excellent selection of Belgian beers.

When we say ‘selection’, you can take this quite literally: they seem to have picked two or three of the most popular beers from half a dozen breweries, instead of offering a few more beers from fewer breweries. So you’ll find just the Delta and Dark Sister by Brussels Beer Project, but none of their less hop-forward beers, Zinnebir, Taras Boulba and Jambe-de-Bois by De la Senne, but none of their saisons or a stout.

In short, don’t expect any rare beers or new releases on the beer menu of Saco Pizza Bar, but just have your pick from some of the best-known beers of a few more than decent breweries.

The price setting is a bit peculiar as well: almost every beer on the list is €4,50, even the Vedett pils! Well, the Westvleteren — no numbers mentioned, but you can tell by the ABV on the menu which ones are on offer — is a bit more expensive, of course (€13,50 to €15,50)!

About the pizza we can be quite brief: as it should be! A wide variety of toppings — not just the ones you’ll find in any restaurant: over thirty different ones to choose from. Be aware: when it says ‘spicy’, it actually is spicy!

We should mention there are two Saco Pizza Bars: the oldest one is in Schaerbeek, and is only open in the evening. The one we visited, is in the Royal Quarter of Brussels, and only open for lunch during the week. They seem to be doing quite well during those couple of hours they are open, since the place was packed, and we even had to share a (big) table with some other guests. No problem there, though, since everybody’s focus is on the pizza in front of them anyway!





  • No beers on draught
  • Excellent selection of Belgian beers on bottle


  • Great pizza, over 30 different ones to choose from


Saco Pizza Bar 2
IJzerenkruisstraat 39 Rue de la Croix de Fer
1000 Brussel
+32 2 511 02 07


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