It’s been a while since we had an excuse to visit Schaerbeek to report on a new beery destination, but the Python Beer Cellar finally lured us back to the city of donkeys!

The modern looking bar—but with just a touch of curly nostalgia—is quite a walk away from the other beer bars in Schaarbeek, therefore serving a completely different herd of customers, who can—and should—make this bar their own. 

Without making bold statements, Python seems to be keeping all big beer at bay, serving a nice selection of nine beers from artisanal breweries on draught. During our visit, all those beers happened to be more or less Belgian—Dupont, Dochter van de Korenaar, l’Ermitage, NovaBirra,’t Verzet—but just a couple of days later, a third of the taps was taken over by French brewer Popihn, and we’ve been told to expect beers from the Austrian Brauhaus Bevog, and the Dutch brewery Het Uiltje as well!

Apart from the quite impressive permanent offer in bottles and cans, additionally there is a blackboard with weekly suggestions as well, giving both the occasional and regular visitor plenty to choose from.

The food offer in Python is what we’ve come to expect from craft beer bars: cheese and charcuterie platters, mixed or not, and artisanal dry sausages, but it’s the first time we’ve seen rillettes and terrine of duck on the menu of a ‘simple’ neighbourhood bar like this. Don’t hesitate to ask for more bread if you’d like to spread that delicious cheese a bit thinner to make it last just a bit longer!

On Facebook Python describes itself as a craft beer shop as well, but during our visit we completely forgot about that part, since there were no visible signs of that part of the business: no shelves or customer-facing fridges with beers, no canner or growler fill machine, nor any take-out prices listed on the menu. That being said, after a long tasting session, it’s probably good to have the option to take that 12,5% Popihn Toasted Coconut & Cocoa Russian Imperial Stout home for another time…




  • 9 beers on draught, all from smaller breweries
  • Weekly suggestions


  • Cheese & charcuterie platters
  • Artisanal dry sausages
  • Rillettes & terrine of duck


Python Beer Cellar
Avenue Emile Maxlaan 55
1030 Schaarbeek
+32 479 58 12 19


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