Moeder Lambic Original

Moeder Lambic Original DSC_0687When writing about beer in Brussels, it’s impossible not to mention Moeder Lambic in Saint-Gilles, or as it is affectionately known since a second Moeder-bar opened in the centre of Brussels: Moeder Lambic Original. When we started this blog however, the famous bar was actually closed for about a month, for improvement works. It just opened its doors — and taps — again, and we went there to see the result and to enjoy the Swedish Beer Weekend.

Moeder Lambic Original DSC_0715Moeder Lambic has always been there in my memory (apparently it is since the 80’s), but only in 2006 the current owner, Jean Hummler, bought the place. With barely room for about forty people and just five taps, but well-stocked fridges, and of course very knowledgeable and helpful staff, Jean managed to make Moeder Lambic the beer Mekka it has become.

Moeder Lambic Original DSC_0707After the renovation earlier this year however, there’s now enough space for about ninety people, by converting the former ‘tasting cellar’ in a second barroom. The number of available draught beers increased tremendously as well: 30 keg pumps and 3 cask pumps on the ground floor, and in the cellar another 30 keg pumps that weren’t even in use yet when we last visited.  No cell phone reception or WiFi in the cellar though, so your Untappd check-ins will have to wait until afterwards.

We visited Moeder Lambic during the Swedish Beer Weekend, so we’ll have to wait and see what will be available on draught on ‘normal’ days. If the beer list of its younger sibling in Brussels centre — Moeder Lambic Fontainas — is any indication, it will be a nice mix of great Belgian and foreign beers, especially the latter often changing, thus keeping it interesting for regular patrons as well.

Moeder Lambic Original DSC_0695Another novelty after the renovation, is the possibility of having a glass liter bottle filled with the draught beer of your choice to take home. Some bars give a 10% or 20% discount on growler fills, or none at all — even when filled using oxidation prone methods — but in Moeder Lambic you only pay double the 25cl price, so that’s about a 50% discount! And even better: they use a counter-pressure filling station, meaning you can keep your unopened bottle for weeks, without the risk of the beer going bad due to oxidation.
We haven’t been able to test it yet though, since apparently the filling station was still missing one essential part… Once it is working, we’ll give it a try!
It would be nice if they would be able and willing to fill the bigger growlers from Malt Attacks or Beerstorming as wel, and vice versa.

Moeder Lambic Original DSC_0689If instead of going big, you’d prefer to go small, you’re out of luck: they usually don’t give out tasters, and there are no beer flights with small glasses available. This means you’re in it for the whole 25 cl at least, and the associated price, of course, which can easily be € 5 or more for the foreign beers.

Sometimes the pouring technique raises my eyebrow: putting your tap spout in the beer, or pouring a beer in multiple times is NOT how we usually learn to do it in Belgium. Admittedly, not all beers are equally sensitive for errors like this, but avoiding them would at least greatly improve head retention…

One goes to Moeder Lambic for the beer, not for the food, but if the little bowl of malt you get with your  beer isn’t enough to keep you going, there are also many different sausages, cold cuts and cheeses available.

In conclusion: if you’re in any way interested in beer in Brussels, you simply have to visit Moeder Lambic Original. It was one of our favourites already, but now we’re more likely to find a seat, we’ll probably make the tram journey to get there more often!

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  • 30 keg pumps and 3 cask pumps on the ground floor, Belgian and foreign beers
  • Another 30 keg pumps in the cellar
  • Growler fills


  • Many different sausages, cold cuts and cheeses


Moeder Lambic
Rue de Savoiestraat 68
1060 Sint-Gillis
+32 2 544 16 99


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