Marcel Burger Bar

UPDATE: Closed permanently…

Marcel Burger Bar had been on our list for quite some while — they serve burgers, paired with a specific beer, so what’s not to like? — but we simply hadn’t got around to it. We even passed it a couple of times already — it’s only two houses down from CHEZWaWa, and not that far from BALLEKES either — but on a recent sunny Sunday afternoon — possibly not the best time, if the sound of children is not your favourite music — we finally made it to the burger bar.

So there are six different burgers available at Marcel Burger Bar, plus a burger of the month — as we only noticed after ordering, since it wasn’t mentioned on the menu — and a very simple cheeseburger for children. Each of those burgers is paired with a beer by David Blocteur (of in a separate booklet, so not on the menu itself.  The suggested beers seem to be a quite good match, but you could ask yourself: how interchangeable are they, if the whole menu consists of burgers?

Apart from the six suggested beers — Belgoo LuppooBig NoseQuintine AmbréeTrouffette Belle d’EtéSaison Dupont and Biolégère — there weren’t many other beers to choose from: Kriek Boon, Silly Scotch — both of which I really wouldn’t pair with a burger, but you might want to have them with a dessert — and Manneken Pils.

The lamb burger wasn’t available when we visited, so we had the Crispy Chicken and the Cheese Bacon. The size of the burgers was fine, yet still perfectly manageable by hand. The chicken however,  seemed to have disappeared when I was only just over halfway through my bun, even though the piece of chicken looked big enough when I received it. Lesson learned: always check if the contents of your bun are spread out evenly!

If you come around lunchtime on a weekday, you can save a couple of euros — but only if you choose wisely — by having the Menu Beer, which includes any burger,  fries or coleslaw, and a beer.

As we mentioned, on a Sunday afternoon, you’re very likely to share the dining area with children running and bouncing around on the wooden floor. Although it seems to be a bit of a strange combination with the beer theme, Marcel Burger Bar is particularly welcoming for children’s birthday parties, so that’s something to keep in mind, if that’s not what you’re after…




  • No beers on draught
  • One beer for each burger, and a couple extra


  • Hamburgers (fries not included)
  • Sides & salads


Marcel Burger Bar
Amerikaansestraat 87 Rue Américaine
1050 Elsene
+32 2 534 34 34


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