Malt Attacks

IMG_7354As much as we love to spend an evening in a restaurant or bar, cracking open a bottle at home or somewhere else with friends can be at least just as nice. Supermarket beers — even though the offer has improved over the last couple of years — just won’t do for those occasions, of course, but luckily there are shops like Malt Attacks. You won’t be able to have a drink there unfortunately — barring special events — but you’ll surely find the ideal beer to enjoy at home!

IMG_7353The shop isn’t big, but the selection of beers is excellent! Belgian beers on your left, foreign beers — sorted by country — on your right, gueuzes, lambic beers and brewing supplies down the hall. If you intend to drink your purchase right after buying it, check out the fridges for a cooled beer.

If you’re overwhelmed by the choice, looking for something specific, or just need some advice, don’t hesitate to turn to shop owner Antoine: he is very helpful and passionate about beers and brewing.

There isn’t enough room to stock loads of home brewing equipment, so Malt Attacks provides a special service: group ordering from Brouwland, an easy way to avoid shipping costs.

We’ve mentioned growlers a couple of times already, but Malt Attacks actually was the first place in Brussels to sell and fill them! You buy an empty growler for €10 — with the awesome Malt Attacks logo printed on it — and then there are usually three different beers to choose from to fill your brown, glass bottle with a capacity of 1,89 l — or 64 fl oz, if that makes more sense to you. Unlike for the bottles or cans sold in the shop, you can have a small taster of the beer you’re interested in, if you’re not quite sure yet. On the website you can see which beers are currently available on growler. In an unopened, refrigerated growler, the beer should still be fresh after a couple of weeks.
As mentioned in the article about Beerstorming, their and Malt Attacks‘ growlers are exactly the same size and completely interchangeable.

So once again, Saint-Gilles has taken the lead when it comes to new developments in the world of beer.

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  • Great selection of bottled and canned beers, both Belgian and foreign.
  • A fridge with beers ready to drink. Not in the store though: it’s not a bar!
  • Growler fills.


  • None. It’s a beer store!

Malt Attacks
Avenue Jean Volderslaan 18
1060 Brussel
+32 2 534 96 88

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