Liesse is a bit of a strange place: you could be enjoying some Alsatian cuisine like flammekueche and bretzel one day, and returning some time later, only to find a completely different, undefinable, eclectic combination of dishes on the menu, like a lentil dahl, mayonnaise eggs, and crispy pork belly!
What does seem to be a constant through all menu changes, though, is a motivated team helping the chef in residence to get the food to the hungry customers, the high quality of said food, and a selection of incredible Cantillon bottles!

Liesse calls itself “a place of collective joy”. But is it a concept, or a place for up and coming chefs to try out new concepts? Whatever it may, be, it makes it worthwhile to go back regularly, either to try another dish from the menu before it disappears, or to try a completely new menu! Currently, the chef is Pópa, and she should still be in residence for another month or so.

We just missed out on the crispy pork belly we were eyeing—the last pieces were brought out to the terrace just when we entered—but the lentil dahl with tomato and date chutney, and the lemon mayonnaise eggs with bottarga and oregano crumble we ordered instead, were undoubtedly worthy replacements. The chocolate cake and Catalan flan on the dessert list looked tempting, but the mains were filling enough to keep us from giving in this time.

Belle Mirabelle

Behind the counter we spotted a mobile tap with De la Senne‘s Zinnebir, which, if you only have one beer on draught, is always an excellent choice. However, the lined up Cantillon bottles on display on a shelf immediately drew our attention, and one in particular: Belle Mirabelle. This mirabelle plum lambic was made exclusively for Liesse, and is not served anywhere else. Of course, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to have a bottle, and as you’d expect from Cantillon, it was excellent!

Although we hope to get back to Liesse in time to try that crispy pork after all, we can’t wait to see what the next chef will be either.



  • Zinnebir on draught
  • A great selection of Cantillon bottles


  • Changing offer, depending on the chef in residence
Avenue Adolphe Demeurlaan 57
1060 Brussel

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