Les Ecuries van de Tram

UPDATE: Closed permanently…

Les Ecuries van de Tram has been the setting for two beer events already mentioned on this blog: the Barboteur Beersdays and the first edition of SWAFFF! But is was only when we were a bit early for the latter, we noticed that — even though there are no draught beers available — the Ecuries‘ own fridges were quite well stocked already! The presence of De la Senne and Brussels Beer Project beers is not that surprising anymore, Illegaal and Dupont only a bit, but seeing the Dochter van de Korenaar and BrewDog in a bar like this was completely unexpected!

From the outside, you wouldn’t be able to tell there is a bar in Les Ecuries van de Tram, a former stable complex for the horses of the horse-drawn trams of yesteryear, and the bar is only in a smaller hall connecting the main halls to the terrace.

Most of the beers are conveniently displayed behind the bar, but just check out the menu on the blackboards to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Even though there was a refrigerated counter near the bar, it was empty, and we couldn’t find any food on the menu. Your best bet for something to eat would be a quick visit to the farmers’ market in the hall on your way in.

It’s not quite sure what the future will bring for this bar: apparently, Moeder Lambic has set its sights on the mostly unused half of the Les Ecuries van de Tram, and two bars in the same building might be a bit too much. The decision about who will get to move in the Ecuries will be made later this month, so you might want to give this bar a try rather sooner than later!







  • No beers on draught
  • Nice selection of bottled beers
    • De la Senne & Brussels Beer Project
    • Illegaal & Dupont
    • Dochter van de Korenaar & BrewDog


  • Just visit the farmers’ market in the same building


Les Ecuries van de Tram
Rubensstraat 95 Rue Rubens
1030 Schaarbeek
+32 2 242 05 91


What have people been drinking here recently?