Les Brasseurs

Les Brasseurs is a bar that could easily go under the radar of beer lovers. At least it went under ours, until we discovered their lambic beers, and in particular, the 2-Year Unblended Oude Lambiek by Boon they have available on draught, served in earthenware jugs in different sizes. A note for Untappd geeks like us: some of the bartenders are even quite happy to check which foeder the currently served lambic is from!

Add three beers of the month — one gueuze, one draught, and one bottle — to the mix, and you end up with enough options to keep you tasting — or just enjoying — beers for a while!

If the system of those different categories of beers of the month sounds familiar to you, you’re not imagining things. Le Coq, just around the corner, which has exactly the same beers of the month system, is indeed from the same owners. You shouldn’t be too surprised if you even see some of the same faces behind the bar as well.

In the lambic beer section on the beer menu of Les Brasseurs, the beers from Boon make up the largest part — not that we’re complaining about that — but you’ll also find beers from Girardin, Hanssens, Lindemans, and — of course — Cantillon.

There aren’t any big surprises on the rest of the beer menu: some big beer, some small breweries, local De la Senne. Check the blackboards — or the pump clips — to find out what the beers of the month are, if you’d like something special.

The food menu was surprisingly extensive, especially the sandwich section, but this is easily explained by the fact that Les Brasseurs gets everything on that menu from their next door neighbour Au Suisse. You’re also quite welcome to get your sandwich at Au Suisse yourself — even more choice — and consume it in Les Brasseurs. After they stop serving the Au Suisse menu, you can still have some bar snacks like cheese — either the usual Gouda cubes, or a nice piece of Chimay cheese — dry sausage, or boulette maison.

The bar could do without the tv screens above the wooden panelling, if you’d ask us, but a plus if you’re into watching sports, and once the game or race is over, they’re turned off. In front of Les Brasseurs, there’s a really nice terrace, overlooking the pietonnier, and if you get there early enough, it’s even sunny! Or on hot days, come a bit later for a beer in the shade…




  • 6 beers on draught
    • 2-Year Unblended Oude Lambiek by Boon!
    • 1 draught beer of the month
  • Nice selection of lambic beers
    • 1 gueuze of the month
  • 1 bottled beer of the month


  • About everything next door neighbour Au Suisse has to offer
  • Cheese, sausages &  boulettes


Les Brasseurs
Boulevard Anspachlaan 77
1000 Brussel
+32 2 511 76 04


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