Les 3 Frères

UPDATE: Closed permanently…

It must be that the love for good beer — made with an equal amount of love — is infectious, since once again, we find ourselves in Saint-Gilles, at only a few hundred meters from ‘patient zero’, Moeder Lambic. At Les 3 Frères (the three brothers) this love for beer — especially for those made by De la Senne and Tartaruga — comes with a love for food as well, serving dishes ranging from a simple soup or croque monsieur, to tagliatelle with asparagus, courgettes and artichokes, and perfectly cooked steak.

Zinnebir is available on draught at Les 3 Frères, and the bottle list includes a selection of other beers by De la Senne, Tartaruga, and Monkey Monk. From the latter they even had their newest beer — Whitespace — so it seems they’re not afraid to try and offer new brews!

A chat with one of the three brothers — I assume — made it abundantly clear they really do love beer and make an conscious effort to introduce some new flavours to the neighbourhood customers, who might not be accustomed to them.

Even though there is a very pub-like atmosphere in Les 3 Frères, the food served is restaurant-worthy. There’s plenty of choice as well: smaller snacks to resolve that peckishness after a couple of beers, but full dinner options as well, including burgers, meal salads, different kinds of steak and pastas, and even a couple of different desserts.

We were both very happy with our steak and pasta, and we would love try some of the other dishes on the menu next time!

Les 3 Frères is again one of those bars you wouldn’t expect to have anything else but big beer — and the admittedly for once stylish Stella signs outside don’t really help — but then surprise you with an unexpectedly good choice of beers. Add to that the excellent dishes served, and you might not want to leave  Saint-Gilles again!




  • 5 beers on draught
    • Zinnebir
  • Bottle list includes beers by De la SenneTartaruga, and Monkey Monk


  • Soup, croque monsieurs, cured meats, cheese
  • Full dishes: burgers, meal salads, different kinds of steak and pastas
  • A couple of different desserts


Les 3 Frères
Louis Moricharplein 21 Place Louis Morichar
1060 Sint-Gillis


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