Le Wappers

There are four beers from draught. The beers are all from the Brussels brewery Brasserie De la Senne. The beers are Jambe-de-Bois, Brusseleir, Zinnebeer, and Zenne Pils.
© Hannah Casier | Brasserie de la Senne beers on draught at Le Wappers

Our visit to Le Wappers was long overdue, but we finally made it back to Schaerbeek for a visit to this tavern! Without even reading a word on the menu, its design by Jean Goovaerts immediately makes it quite clear: there will be plenty of De la Senne beers to enjoy!

Probably just as important as the beer, is the spaghetti served here in the evening, providing punters with a tasty and efficient way to line the stomach for a night of beers with friends.

Le Wappers is another project of De la Senne‘s own Bernard Leboucq, so it’s not surprising that at any given time, there are at least five different De la Senne beers on draught. Zenne Pils, Zinnebir, Jambe-de-Bois, and Brusseleir should always be available. On bottle you’ll find even more of their beers, like Taras Boulba and Stouterik.

The tavern is not just a De la Senne outlet though! Other Belgian classics like Palm, Duvel, Rodenbach, Boon gueuze and kriek, and a wide selection of abbey and trappist beers are available as well. This way, there’s definitely something for everyone’s taste.

As the subtitle “Belgian Beers & Food” on the menu clearly states: all the beers are from Belgian breweries!


So does the adjective “Belgian” also pertain to the food then, you might ask, considering it is a pasta menu? Well, considering there is no such thing as “spaghetti bolognese” in the Italian cuisine, while it definitely is a staple in Belgian bars, I’d say yes: the food is Belgian too! Served with the sauce on top of the pasta, a cheese that’s definitely not Parmigiano, and a bottle of tabasco sauce on the side, this “bolo” is the type many of us grew up with and still love!

Although the spaghetti carbonara is “guaranteed to be without cream”, it’s still served with ‘lardons’ and a Belgian flair…Nothing wrong with that, just don’t expect a classic Roman carbonara! (There’s always La Tana for that!) We’ll have to try the vegetarian pasta cacio, pepe e finocchio another time.

All in all, it’s proper comfort food, and an excellent way to start off an evening in Le Wappers.



  • Lots of De la Senne beers, both on draught and in bottle
  • Plenty of other classic beers, like Palm, Duvel, abbey beers, and trappist beers


  • Pasta, the Belgian way
  • Classic bar snacks like cheese and crisps
Le Wappers
Place Wappersplein 7
1030 Schaarbeek

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