Le Phare du Kanaal

Although you’ll find people working on their laptops in most bars nowadays, at Le Phare du Kanaal this is an even more common occurrence than elsewhere. This isn’t surprising, considering Le Phare is a co-working space first and foremost. However, none of the offices I ever worked at had such a selection of beers from Brussels breweries to enjoy once the laptop closes… 

The main work space of Le Phare du Kanaal is upstairs, but since we usually do our blog writing after a visit — not during — we didn’t even go there. The ground floor was more interesting for us anyway, since that is where the beer and the food is served.

On the menu you’ll find beers from En Stoemelings, De la Senne, Brussels Beer Project, Illegaal, and — the only one without any connection to Brussels — Dupont‘s Redor pils. Our Illegaal was served in a L’Ermitage glass, so we assume that at least at some point, some of the beers of those Brussels brewers were available here as well. As you would expect in a place like this, all beers are only available on bottle.

If you’d like to enjoy lunch at Le Phare, make sure you’re on time: the kitchen is only open from 12h00 until 14h30, and even between those hours, you risk missing out on a dish. In our case, they just ran out of our preferred plat du jour — which actually changes every day — so we opted for a salmon sandwich and the quiche — courgette and feta — instead. Make sure you’re not in a rush: after sitting down, 45 minutes elapsed before we could finally dig in!

In case you don’t have time — or the stomach capacity — to finish your dish, you can always ask for a Rest-o-pack, the Brussels version of the doggy-bag. Alternatively, and without any disposable packaging material at all, you could order your meal to go in a reusable tiffin!

If lunchtime is too early for beer for you, there’s coffee from OR Coffee as well, and another cake every day. Don’t wait too long for those after-work drinks, however, since Le Phare du Kanaal closes at 20h00 on weekdays, and at 18h00 on Saturdays.




  • No beers on draught
  • Bottles from most Brussels breweries


  • 2 ‘plats dus jour’
  • quiche, bagnat, sandwiches & soup


Le Phare du Kanaal
Koolmijnenkaai 40 Quai des Charbonnages
1080 Sint-Jans-Molenbeek
+32 2 410 06 84


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