Le Murmure

img_8711xIt had been a while since we last visited the Flagey area for a drink, but Le Murmure still looked pretty much the same as last time we were there. And that’s quite quirky, with its copper pipes curling through the space over our heads, and colourful wall paintings. More importantly however, the De la Senne beers were still pouring from its taps, and quite a few gems from Belgium and abroad adorned the bottle list.

img_8697xThere was one change though: there used to be a guest list with foreign beers — I remember drinking some beers from German and Norwegian breweries for instance — which now has regrettably disappeared. Luckily, the standard bottle list contains beers from De Dochter van de KorenaarBoonCantillon, De Ranke, and — as a last remaining foreign brewery — BrewDog. Well, technically, there’s another foreign brewery quite present at Le Murmure, and that is the Luxembourgish Brasserie Nationale. Their Bofferding pils — available on draught here — seems to be popping up all over Brussels, in our opinion without really adding anything worthwhile to the beer scene…

The snack menu is rather limited: crisps, cheese and sausage. However, the menu encourages us to inquire at the bar about the different available flavours of sausage. Our curiosity spiked, we asked the bartender for the available options. A couple of seconds later, we were presented with a handwritten list on the back of a coaster, containing about a dozen different varieties of dried sausage! The artisanal goat cheese sausage we picked, turned out to be an excellent choice.

If the concerts and exhibitions at Le Murmure aren’t enough to lure you in there for a nice beer, surely those sausages will be?

img_8700x  img_8703x img_8696x  img_8698x



  • 6 beers on draught
    • De la Senne‘s Taras Boulba, Zinnebir & Saison du Meyboom
    • Troubadour Magma
  • A extensive bottle list, including
    • De Dochter van de Korenaar
    • BrewDog
    • Boon
    • De Ranke
    • Cantillon


  • Crisps & cheese
  • A rather large selection of big, dry sausages


Le Murmure
Rue du Belvédèrestraat 18
1050 Elsene
+32 2 640 69 36


What have people been drinking here recently?