La Fruitière

You’ve probably tasted their products, even if you’ve never heard of La Fruitière: some of the best beer bars get the cheese for their cheese platter from this cheesemonger. Cheese and beer make a great combination, so it shouldn’t really come as a surprise that finally, a cheese shop decided to sell and serve beer as well, and even on draught! And not just any beer, but some of the best Brussels—or even Canada, as it happens—has to offer!

It’s obvious La Fruitière is much more than just a cheese shop, it’s a ‘cheese bar’. This means you can sit down at one of the tables, and enjoy one of the many available cheese dishes: four different proposed cheese boards, two different grilled cheese toasts, two different fondues, a cheesy salad, and several smaller cheese dishes. It’s too much to taste in one sitting, but we can attest the Planche Belge and Grilled-Cheese toast, made by the recipe of the day, are delicious! Count yourself lucky if the recipe of the day contains the house-made onion confit with stout, which unfortunately is not for sale to take home, or at least not yet…

It’s quite remarkable for a cheese shop, or even bar, to have some beers available on draught. There’s usually some Cantillon and l’Ermitage on, and just the other week, they had Brassserie Dunham‘s BXL FNK, a little souvenir from BXLBeerFest, where they catered as well, of course. In addition to the draught beers, there’s a large selection of bottles from Cantillon, En Stoemelings, No Science, and l’Ermitage in the fridges, so plenty of beers to choose from to have with your beer.

Plan your visit carefully, and come early, since except for Thursdays—when La Fruitière is open until nine—they already lock up at six o’clock, and they’re closed on Sunday and Monday as well. Now summer is almost over—or at least the summery weather is—we’ll surely be back soon to try the fondues!




  • 3 beers on draught, regularly changing
  • Lots of beers from Cantillon, En Stoemelings, No Science, and l’Ermitage in bottle


  • Cheese! Grilled between toast, as fondue, with a salad, or just cut up on a board.


La Fruitière
Kolenmarkt 99-103 Rue du Marché au Charbon
1000 Brussel
+32 2 503 33 52


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