La Biche

We’re quite used to finding beers from one or more of the Brussels breweries on the menu of a bar, and as we’ve said before: it’s a good indication someone put some effort in the beer selection. Even if the rest of the (online available) beer menu is not that exciting at all, it always makes us curious to see if there are any interesting guest beers. When we spotted Stone IPA on the Facebook page of La Biche, a visit was unavoidable. However, what we then spotted on the guest beer menu above the bar, was above all our expectations for this little neighbourhood bar!

Not only the predicted Stone IPA was available at La Biche, but on top of that also an American pale ale from Dutch brewery De Molen, an excellent imperial stout from the English brewery Fuller’s, one of the latest creations from, Beerstorming, the brewery around the corner, and quite a few more! On draught, we were happy to see Super Fresca — by Italo-Belgian gypsy brewer Birra Tartaruga — as a beacon of flavour next to those omnipresent InBev beers.

The food menu looks fairly standard for a small café — croque monsieurs, soup of the day, some salads and pastas — but the execution certainly is above standard! The croques get a little béchamel touch — and a side of baked potatoes with thyme, if you so wish — and a spaghetti al’ ragu is not quite the same as the usual spag bol! We didn’t leave a crumb…

If you like wood, you’ll love the interior of this bar, by the way, combining classic bar elements you’d expect in this former football supporters pub, vintage decoration, and modern design. If you’re not into football, be warned though, since there’s a huge tv screen up, and they will show important matches!





  • Croque monsieurs, with a side of baked potatoes with thyme, if you like
  • Soup of the day
  • Salads
  • Pastas
  • Some of the usual bar snacks, but things like nachos, hummus and bruscetta as well


La Biche
Place Maurice Van Meenenplein 1
1060 Sint-Gillis
+32 2 534 93 15


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