La Belladone

UPDATE: Closed permanently…

In an area of Saint-Gilles where you can eat well, but will struggle to find many interesting places to have a drink afterwards, luckily there still is La Belladone. The Eastern European character the bar once had, seems to have faded away for the most part — still some spiced and regular vodkas on the menu though — but the art nouveau decor it has now, suited us just fine. Of course it helps when almost all beers are from smaller, artisanal breweries, as are the snacks.

Half of the eight beer taps at La Belladone is for beers from Belgoo, once a beer firm, now an actual brewery in nearby Zuun. One of the other taps is for Zinnebir, another one for Saison Dupont. Considering the rest of the beer menu, I fully expect the odd one out — Tripel Karmeliet by Bosteels, recently acquired by InBev — not to survive the next menu revision…

Speaking of the rest of the beer menu: you’ll find some more beers of De la Senne of course, but some of De RankeBoonJandrain-Jandrenouille, and De Dochter van de Korenaar as well. We wouldn’t have minded a couple of Eastern European beers on the menu — we’ve tasted some excellent ones during recent beer festivals and tap takeovers — but as far as Belgian beers go, this is a really nice list!

There’s no kitchen at La Belladone, but the few snacks they server, are even more carefully selected than their beers: Auvergne dry sausage, Comté cheese, San Daniele prosciutto, and even their crisps are craft, apparently! When we ordered the sausage, we simply expected a whole sausage with a knife, or pre-cut in thick slices. The huge meat slicer on the counter should have been a clue they would put a bit more effort in it, but the board with not only a heap of finely sliced sausage, but some bread and even a couple of slices of cucumber came as quite a pleasant surprise to us.

Next time we have meatballs, we know where to go for a beery dessert!




  • 8 beers on draught
    • Saison Dupont
    • Zinnebir
  • Nice bottle selection
    • De Ranke
    • Boon
    • Jandrain-Jandrenouille
    • De Dochter van de Korenaar


  • Auvergne dry sausage
  • Comté cheese
  • San Daniele prosciutto


La Belladone
Rue Morisstraat 17a
1060 Sint-Gillis
+32 2 537 16 06


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