We were a bit hesitant to write about JeanBon on our blog: there was only one beer in the fridge, and it wasn’t even a great one… However, the delicious baguettes made more than up for this shortcoming. On the store shelves, there was a choice of better beers available — like a Geuze Boon, or BertinchampsLa Prose — some of which would have paired nicely with our lunch in the windowsill. Could you please put some of those beers in the fridge as well, Jean?

The one cold beer available at JeanBon, was the Mongozo Premium Pilsner, a Dutch, organic, gluten-free beer. Well, at least it has that going for it!

Apart from the beers already mentioned, you’ll find a strange mix of micro and macro brews on the shelves: Moortgat‘s Tank 7 and InBev‘s Tripel Karmeliet, alongside a couple of numbers from local boy Beerstorming. Only when we checked our photos, we noticed Rex, a beer actually brewed for a cheese refiner, specifically to go well with certain cheeses.

There are no actual tables in JeanBon, just the windowsill with about five stools. Consequently, most customers will order their ‘baguettes à l’ancienne’ — garnished with cheese and charcuterie on display in the refrigerated counter — to go.  Plenty of people seem to have found their way to the cheese shop though: during most of our visit, there was a steady line of office workers from the surrounding area, picking up something to eat.

It isn’t surprising that, in a couple of weeks, JeanBon #2 wil open its doors, this time in Brussels city, Rue de Namur 87. Hopefully there will be bigger fridges — filled with beer — and a couple of extra seats!





  • No beers on draught
  • One beer in the fridge, some more on the shelves


  • Excellent ‘baguettes à l’ancienne’!
  • Cheese and charcuterie


Londenplein 14 Place de Londres
1050 Elsene
+32 2 514 03 19


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