The Festival Season is Upon us!

The clock once again switched to summer time, the days are longer, the terraces are open and usually quite full. June already started, this means the beer festivals are upon us, and finally again the full lineup! In this blog post, we’ll go over the beer festivals and events that are already known to us—even if just a little—and we think will be worth going to, so you can put them in your calendars already, and ask for the necessary days off from work…


11-12 June 2022 at LaVallée in Molenbeek

SWAFFF is traditionally the first bigger beer of the season, and it is this year again, but in a new location! Expect more than twenty breweries, food trucks, and even some live music.

Tickets for the whole weekend cost € 23,39, and include entry, a tasting glass (12,5cl), and seven tokens to get you started.


14-17 July 2022 in locations across the city

BierCult is new, and still very mysterious, but it is organised by the better known Brussels Beer City, which makes us confident it will be worth your while. The blog celebrates its 5th birthday, and the festival is a ‘celebration of Brussels, beer and culture’. Expect a weekend of tastings, talks, and tours.
So far, beyond this, nothing has been announced, so it’s unknown if there will be ticketed events as part of the festival.

Belgium Beer Week

22-28 August 2022 in locations across the city

Belgium Beer Week not so much organises, but encourages bars, breweries, bottle shops, beer guides, museums, and other beer people to organise small and not so small beer events concentrated in the same week, and lists them all on their website. Even though they focus on the whole Belgium there will be some special attention to activities in Brussels!


27-28 August 2022 at Tour & Taxis in Brussels

The biggest of them all! BXLBeerFest gathers sixty breweries and blenders, food trucks, private tastings, and culinary sessions. As usual, you don’t need to commit to a whole weekend or a minimum amount of tokens, just € 5,41 (in pre-sale) will enable anyone to get a glass and come in, thereby keeping the threshold very low.

€ 9,66 in presale will give you acces and clean glasses for the whole weekend—and one glass to take home—and for € 19,21 you’ll receive twenty tokens.


10-11 September 2022 at the Vismet in Brussels.

Wanderlust is Brussels Beer Projects birthday festival, and this ninth edition will be once again celebrated at the Vismet. The number of breweries has not yet been announced, but usually around fifteen breweries turn up—often breweries they collaborated with—making this one of the smaller beer festivals. But since it is a party—DJ included, of course—the beer is not just for tasting, but also for drinking when the party really kicks off!

Ticket prices for this year haven’t been announced yet either, but expect around € 20 for a 12,5 cl tasting glas and seven tokens.