Fernand Obb

From the outside, it would be easy to think Fernand Obb is yet another greasy spoon, but both the food and the beer menu will quickly show you it’s not: upscale burgers, luxury shrimp and cheese croquettes, and a wide range of local beers.

Don’t expect to find any chips though, but we promise you: you will not miss them at all!

The breadcrumbed fried food roll known as croquette originally contained beef ragout—and this version still is very popular in the Netherlands—but in Belgium a version made with shrimps became more popular, closely followed by cheese croquettes. Both Belgian versions take center stage at Fernand Obb, and rightfully so: in October 2018 they were announced as the winner of the Brussels shrimp croquette contest, judged by Michelin star chef Pierre Wynants and culinary journalists, and now Fernand Obb can call theirs, “Brussels’ best shrimp croquettes”. After tasting them, we can’t disagree with this title.

There are a couple of burgers on the menu as well, some of them quite classic, others—like the boudin blanc burger—a bit more Belgian.

It would probably have been a bit too croquetty, if they would have added potato croquettes to the menu as a side dish as well, so they decided to give another Belgian classic—the waffle—a twist, thus creating the very crispy ‘gaufrite‘.

While Fernand Obb‘s Christmas market stall had a l’Ermitage beer on draught, there are only bottled beers available in the restaurant. We can’t complain thought, since some beers from most Brussels breweries were present: l’Ermitage, Brussels Beer Project, De la Senne, No Science, and even nearby BeerStorming!




  • No beers on draught
  • A surprisingly wide range of bottled beers, most of them from Brussels breweries


  • Brussels’ best shrimp croquettes
  • Cheese croquettes
  • Burgers
Fernand Obb
Rue de Taminesstraat 27
1060 Sint-Gillis
+32 2 771 91 08

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