Family Brews

Family Brews opened just a little over a year ago in the Rue des Harengs, just off the Grand Place. In such a central location, you might expect just another tourist trap, but nothing could be further from the truth! For prices comparable to the ones you’ll pay for an uninteresting industrial beer in nearby bars, here you can enjoy some local brews instead. Don’t get hung up on specific breweries or beers, just let the staff surprise you with something they think you’ll like!

When we entered Family Brews, we were offered a free taster first-it was Hoppy Friday after all-and when we were ready for a full-size drink, asked about our style preferences. We were then presented with En Stoemelings’ Curieuse Neus, and L’Ermitage’s Lanterne, which both perfectly fit the style we asked for. The bottles were still closed when brought to our table, so we still could have asked for another, if so desired.

Beers from Dochter van de Korenaar, Oud Beersel, Alvinne, 3 Fonteinen and the Trappist breweries are prominently displayed on the shelves of this beer tasting shop, but there is much more available hidden away in the fridges and the cellar. Make sure to check their Untappd menus if you’re looking for something special!

Family Brews has a close relationship with 3 Fonteinen, so they might have a couple of their bottles that are hard to find anywhere else. Some very rare ones will only be served at special events, so it’s certainly worth keeping an close eye on their event page!

The very cosy first floor is the perfect intimate setting for those special events, and other (private) tasting sessions as well. The second floor will soon be available as a co-working space, making those after-work drinks more interesting than ever!

There is a kitchen in the building, so plenty of opportunity for food pairing events. For the casual visitor however, the only food option is a -really nice- cheese board.

The beer tasting shop is currently only open a couple of days a week, but that hopefully changes soon. Even with its limited opening hours, Family Brews is already a very pleasant alternative in an area dominated by overpriced, big beer, and with its hidden treasures, not just a destination for the (beer) tourist, but for locals as well!



  • No beers on draught
  • Excellent selection of local and other Belgian beers in bottle and can
  • Some hidden treasures…


  • Cheeseboard
Family Brews
Haringstraat 2 Rue des Harengs
1000 Brussel
+32 2 537 19 15

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