In Schaerbeek, the bar scene is moving at a very high pace, and just a couple of weeks ago, yet another bar opened in this northern municipality: Copain. It’s just two blocks down from 1030 Café, so the area is actually becoming quite interesting for bar hoppers who’d like to drink something else than just cheap lager or one of those abbey ales that are a dime a dozen. The subtitle “Beer, Wine & Friends” sums up the bar quite nicely: a place to enjoy quality drinks, in nice, sometimes very cosy, surroundings.

Of the five available taps at Copain, two are for a pilsner and a witbier, but the other three are rotating taps, each dedicated to one specific brewery. One tap is for De la Senne beers, one tap for L’Ermitage beers, and one tap for Walloon La Rulles beers. All three breweries have enough to offer to keep the tap selection interesting, as long as they keep changing the beers regularly. The beers currently available on those taps aren’t listed anywhere — or we at least haven’t seen it anywhere — so you’ll have to ask the friendly staff.

As you would expect, the bottle list contains a couple more beers of each of the aforementioned breweries, but also a few beers by Dochter van de Korenaar (try their Extase), Tartaruga, De Ranke, and Dupont. Plenty of interesting beers to choose from to get you through the evening, we’d say.

The bites available at Copain are the usual — but high quality — cheese boards, cured meat boards, and mixed boards. Additionally, they offer a selection of dips with bread, to go with any of those boards, or served separately.

Apart from the bar counter and the normal tables and seats you’d expect in a bar, there’s a cosy corner with a couch, comfortable chairs, and even a rocking chair! If you and your friends manage to occupy this corner with a couple of beers, you’ll probably never want to leave again…




  • 5 beers on draught
    • 1 tap for a De la Senne beer
    • 1 tap for a L’Ermitage beer
    • 1 tap for a La Rulles beer
  • Nice bottle selection


  • Cheese boards, cured meat boards & mixed boards
  • Dips


Avenue Rogier 262
1030 Schaarbeek
+32 2 215 91 65


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