Chez Richard

In a fancy area like the one around the Sablon square, one would expect a champagne bar rather than a beer bar. Now, we wouldn’t really call Chez Richard a beer bar, but it did manage to surprise us nevertheless. First of all: they have Jambe-de-Bois on draught. That’s a good start, but not too uncommon anymore nowadays. Noticing BrewDog‘s Punk IPA on the menu made us happy, only to be disappointed when we were told it was temporarily out of stock. The unexpected alternative offered however, made more than up for the discomfort: Cali from Tiny Rebel!

It had been years since we’ve last seen some Tiny Rebel beers in Belgium, so it was quite a surprise to find a beer from this Welsh craft brewer at Chez Richard, a bar  that — besides Punk IPA and Corona — only serves Belgian beers, most of them not even that exciting.

One peculiar item on the draught list was a Gingembre-de-Bois… We’re not even sure if it’s a beer, and since neither of us is a big fan of ginger drinks, we didn’t try it. Don’t hesitate to let us know if you gave it a try!

Chez Richard opens early and closes after midnight, and the whole day food from different menus is served. Breakfast — very continental — in the morning, croques and soup around noon, but some bigger dishes as well, and in the evening mostly something you could call tapas, although not at all Spanish. We had a Fricandelle sauce Richard,  some honey glazed spare-ribs, fried chicken tenders, and crushed potatoes with chorizo.

If they’re supposed to serve as dinner, you need at least two or three of those little dishes, but if you’re just a little peckish after a couple of beers, and you don’t want the typical cheese or sausage — although those are on the menu as well — a single one would be perfect.

There has been a bar named Chez Richard on this location for years, but if you visited it before 2017, keep in mind it is a completely new place now: new management, a new food menu, and — most importantly for us — new beers. We can only hope their foray into British beer is just their first step into the big world of foreign craft beer, and we’ll find many more in the future!




  • 6 beers on draught
    • Jambe-de-Bois
  • Bottles of Punk IPA
  • (Temporarily?) Tiny Rebel Cali


  • A whole range of tasty ‘tapas’
  • Some more substantial lunch and dinner dishes
    • Stoemp, steak & burgers


Chez Richard
Miniemenstraat 2 Rue des Minimes
+32 479 61 12 56


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