Bus to the Alvinne Craft Beer Festival from Brussels

The Alvinne Craft Beer Festival might not be exactly in Brussels — usually, it’s actually quite an adventure to get there from Brussels — but this year the guys from Dynamo decided to hire a bus to take beer lovers all the way to the West-Flemish town of Vichte. So if you’re interested to attend the ACBF2017 on Saturday the 4th of March, buy your ticket — if you haven’t done so already — and book a seat on the bus. You’ll even get to skip the queues and an extra token!

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Vini, Birre, Ribelli


Even though Vini, Birre, Ribelli is primarily a wine festival — over 75% of the participants are winemakers — this still is one festival beer lovers in Brussels can’t afford to miss! The third edition moved once again to a bigger location, this year occupying the Citroën site near Yser. Oh, and no ‘sessions’, no tokens, just a fixed entrance fee and unlimited refills of your tasting glass!

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Good Beer Feast


It really is a beer weekend in Brussels, and then I don’t (just) mean the massive event on the Grand Place. Brussels Beer Project opened their brewery one year ago, and they’ll be celebrating this with a brand new beer festival: Good Beer Feast! They’ve invited thirteen breweries from all over Europe, each pouring four different beers. Including four of their own beers, that means 56 different beers will be available on the Vismet this Saturday. That’s not a lot compared to the hundreds of beers served on the Grand Place, but in our opinion, it will be a much more interesting selection!

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Barboteur Beersdays #1


We started this blog with an article about Le Barboteur – Bièrothèque a couple of weeks ago, and already this weekend — Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 May — they will be celebrating their first birthday. They’re doing this in style, organising a beer festival with an impressive list of attending breweries. It looks like the first edition of these Barboteur Beersdays is set to become an event not to be missed!

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Goose Island

Goose Island IMG_1888You might have noticed, and if you haven’t, you soon will: Goose Island is taking over Belgium. Last week, the Chicago based brewer organised a series of events in Brussels to introduce bars and restaurants, the press, and the general public to their beers.

A couple of Goose Island beers (Goose IPA and the 312 beers) were already available at Albert Heijn (a Dutch supermarket chain sadly not in Brussels yet), but apart from that, beers from this American brewer were hard to find. It probably didn’t help that Goose Island was bought by InBev in 2011, thereby losing the interest of (a part of) the craft beer community. However, they claim this acquisition has had no influence on the brewing process or ingredients. Let’s taste then!

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A new blog

Welcome to “Beers ’n’ Bites in Brussels”, a brand new blog about places to eat and drink beer in Brussels!

Another blog about food, you might think? There are plenty of food blogs indeed, and plenty of blogs about beer as well. The combination of food and beer is not uncommon either, but those are often focused on ‘beer and food pairing’, which is nice, but not what we’re trying to do here.
With this blog, we’d just like to show you places in Brussels where you can have a nice meal, preferably with a good beer, or places where you can go for just a good beer.

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