We don’t like to repeat ourselves, but the amount of burger places with some attention for beer is considerable, so once again, we visit a burger restaurant: Broebbeleir. This time, we have to compose the burger ourselves from scratch, there aren’t any chef’s suggestions to avoid it. However, there are enough options to make yourself a tasty burger, and a couple of sides if you don’t think it will be enough. And there is beer, of course!

Unlike quite a few other places we’ve been, at Broebbeleir we were actually asked how we wanted our burgers cooked, although in the end, the difference between saignant and à point was negligible. The compositions we had chosen came out well, though, and the sides—almost a bit too much—were tasty too.

We had hoped to taste the restaurant’s own beer, also called Broebbeleir, made by Brasserie Deseveaux, but it seemed they had ran out of it. So instead, we picked one of the available De la Senne beers in the fridge—Zinnebir, Taras Boulba, Brusseleir and Jambe-de-Bois— and the one Tartaruga beer available, Super Fresca.

Even though they had the proper glassware for the beers we ordered, we were given plastic, disposable cups, since we wanted to enjoy our burger and beer outside, on the terrace. It wasn’t quite clear if that was company policy, or some kind of local regulation, but indeed, on the terraces next to us, everybody seemed to be drinking from plastic cups as well. Strangely enough, we were allowed to take the glass bottles outside… As you can imagine, a beer as carbonated as most De la Senne beers foams like crazy in a dry, plastic cup, so that was far from ideal.

The Broebbeleir we visited in Saint-Gilles actually is one of three Broebbeleir restaurants, the others being in Jette and Uccle. Maybe you’ll have more luck having your beer in an actual glass on the terrace there…




  • No beers on draught
  • A few different De la Senne beers in the fridge, and one from Tartaruga
  • Usually, their own Broebbeleir beer


  • Compose your own burger
  • Chicken ‘buckets’ & chips


Parvis de Saint-Gilles 29 Sint-Gillisvoorplein
1060 Sint-Gillis


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