Brasserie Surréaliste

The opening of Brasserie Surréaliste taproom is one we’ve been waiting for for a long time. The most obvious reason is that it’s right in our neighbourhood, only a couple of minutes’ walk away. It certainly helps they brew cracking beers, though, right there on the premises, below your feet when you’re standing at the bar. The fact that they managed to convert a space that has been neglected for way too long into something so beautiful, is just the icing on the cake. And starting today, it’s open for everyone to enjoy!

When we contributed to Brussels Beer City‘s “Big in Beer Brussels 2021” blog post, we were still confident that Brasserie Surréaliste‘s taproom would open that same year. The front door did indeed open a couple of times that year, to sell some cans, and maybe pour some beers from a mobile tap, but the vestibule was as far as anyone would get. However, during the last couple of editions of those Vendredis entre Amis, we could already get a pretty good impression of where the brothers Édouard and Charles Grison were going with their taproom, and we couldn’t wait for it to open.

Now it’s finally open, and it doesn’t disappoint! The eye for—often very quirky—detail is incredible, from the brown marble-topped bar and openwork metal lampshades, the bespoke furniture and grandiose chandeliers in the vestibule, the mirror walls in the bathroom, to the artwork against the walls, even in the brewery itself. And true to the name of the brewery, there are some more absurd elements as well, like a random horse in a hallway, and an empty vintage birdcage…


So yes indeed, there is a full-size brewery in the cellar! Even with a 10 hl brewing system, and 10 hl, 20 hl, and even 40 hl fermenters, a cold room, a grist mill, a canning line, and loads of stock, the space still doesn’t feel cramped. There are a couple of translucent tiles on the floor of the taproom, through which you might be able to spot some activity in the brewery below. Starting this summer, they’ll open up the brewery for guided tours, so you catch more than just a glimpse. Having their own brewery now, also means that all Surréaliste beers sold in cans, are now brewed and canned in Brussels.


There is a full-size open kitchen adjacent to the taproom. For the time being, the only food available is a selection of charcuterie and cheese, but we can expect full meals to be served from that kitchen in the near future. They’re still looking for kitchen (and bar) staff, by the way, so the sooner someone applies, the sooner we’ll be able to eat!

For the crowdfunders’ party, the only beers available were their own. There are 24 taps available, however, so there is plenty of space for a great selection of guest beers. What those will be, we’ll have to find out…

The newest taproom in Brussels immediately takes the top spot as the largest as well, but something tells me they’ll have no problem filling it up!



  • 24 taps
    • A wide selection of their own beers
    • Guest beers
  • Amongst the cocktails, a beer cocktail using their Surréaliste Pale Ale


  • For now, a selection of charcuterie and cheese
  • “Full restaurant experience” soon…
Brasserie Surréaliste
Nieuwe Graanmarkt 22-23 Place du Nouveau Marché aux Grains
1000 Brussel

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