Belgium Beer Week 2021

The first beer festivals are reemerging again, but in Brussels not really yet. Luckily, like last year, when beer festivals weren’t at all allowed, Belgium Beer Week comes to the rescue, proposing dozens of beer-related activities from 23 till 29 August 2021. Last year, its scope was limited to Brussels and Antwerp, but this second edition also includes activities in Leuven, Bruges, Ghent, Mechelen, Liège, and Namur.

The Belgium Beer Week is an excellent opportunity for beer focussed businesses to showcase what they actually do the whole year round, like guides giving tours (Agamalt, BeerSecret), beer bars playing music (Family Brews) or arcade games (BrewDog Brussels), and bars and restaurants pairing food with beer (Otomat and La Source).

The list of activities gets quite long that way, and I suggest you just check out the Agenda on BBW’s website, or our own Facebook events list to find all of those. However, there are a couple of one-off activities that do deserve to be highlighted here.

Notable activities