Beer Capital Brussels

A picture of 8 taps
© Hannah Casier | Eight of sixteen beer taps

When Beer Capital Brussels opened and we briefly peeked inside, we could only see ‘big beer’ on draught. Consequently, we dismissed it as ‘just a tourist bar’ and didn’t really consider it for our blog. However, when we ended up there some time later, we discovered it actually had quite a nice and extremely large selection (1464 different beers, last time we checked their Untappd menu) of canned and bottled beers in their cellar and fridges, and even local beers Zinnebir (from Brasserie de la Senne) and Delta (from Brussels Beer Project) on draught!

Pouring one of the many cans that's available in the bar.

Apparently Beer Capital Brussels is of the same owners as The Big Game—only a stone’s throw away—and The Network—on the Place du Luxembourg—and those bars are definitely mostly aimed at tourist and expats, respectively. Discovering this place—ironically in the company of tourists and expats—and its large offering of craft beers was therefore a very pleasant surprise!

As mentioned, they’re on Untappd, and that probably is the easiest way to find something of your liking, since you can easily filter by style, country, or brewery. That being said, the staff we encountered actually seemed quite knowledgeable, and I’m sure they can recommend something if you have trouble choosing! They also kindly mention the price of the beer before getting it from the fridge of the cellar, which is quite useful, considering the prices can be quite steep…


Speaking about cellars: they’re cooled down to about 7ºC, and the walk-in fridges are even colder! Considering cellars of Belgian bars are rarely cooled, this was another nice surprise. You can’t browse the fridges though, but apparently all the bottles and cans you see against the wall are beers that should be available to drink as well!

There are beer flights available: 10 draught beers for € 25. However, event though sometimes there are some interesting foreign guest beers on, often it’s nigh impossible to find ten beers of independent breweries on draught. So we suggest you come with a friend, or two, and just share some cans and bottles!



  • Few locals on draught
  • Huge collection of bottles and cans, from Belgium and (far) beyond!


  • Nope, you come here for the beer…
Beer Capital
Boulevard Anspachlaan 89
1000 Brussel

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