The newest restaurant to try in the city center is Baogo. We must admit, we had reservations about burgers made with steamed buns, but as it turns out, bao are the perfect vehicle to get all kinds of delicious fillings in your belly! Those fillings are far from limited to the classic burger ingredients: apart from the usual beef, you’ll be able to choose a version with either pulled pork, panko chicken, prawns, panko salmon, or tofu. And did we already mention they have the local beers we all know and love?

We were delighted to find De la Senne‘s Taras Boulba and Zinnebir, and Brussels Beer Project‘s Delta and Dark Sister on the menu of Baogo, but  the line “Craft Beer Specials See Blackboard” made us franticly looking for that blackboard. Alas, the specials hadn’t arrived yet, as the restaurant opened only a couple of days earlier. However, for the moment, the already classic Brussels beers would do just fine.

The bao burgers we ordered — a pulled pork bao and a panko chicken bao — arrived in paper lined bamboo steam baskets, together with a serving of Xi’an spicy fries and sweet potato fries, and a Thai sweet chilli mayo.

Cutlery wasn’t really needed, since it’s quite easy to grab hold of your stuffed bao, and who eats fries with a fork anyway? The sauce comes in one of those little paper cups, so your fries don’t get soggy.

By the way, there are other sauce options as well, like Sriracha mayo, basil mayo, or just plain ketchup and mayo.

We actually struggled to finish our generously filled baskets, so sadly, this time we didn’t get around to trying the Korean chicken wings with spicy gochujang sauce. We’ll have to try those next time, when we come back for the beer specials!




  • For now, only Maes on draught…
  • De la Senne and Brussels Beer Project on bottle
  • “Craft Beer Specials” still to come!


  • Bao burgers with fries
  • Sides of chicken wings, prawns or a salad


Rue Grétrystraat 48-50
1000 Brussel
+32 2 203 07 33


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