Addict Bar

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Addict Bar really was a lucky find. The Jupiler sign outside wouldn’t exactly lure us in, and a flickering gambling machine in the back usually is a warning to keep out… However, when one late night a friend dragged us to her neighbourhood bar, we discovered that these guys actually love beer! Local breweries on draught, and fridges full of beers from all kinds of independent breweries!

Like so many bars in Belgium, Addict Bar has a contractual obligation to serve some InBev beers, but they certainly stuck to the absolute minimum! The beer board is bursting with local beers, and beers from other independent breweries in Belgium. “We only buy in what we like to drink ourselves,” said the publican, when he saw me inspecting the contents of the fridges. That sure helped in having a very nice selection of beer available!

Local beer

Théorème de l’Empereur by L’Ermitage seems to be a staunch favourite, and was available on draught every time we were there. And as an expression of love for local, De la Senne‘s Zinnebir had to be on tap as well, of course, and some of their other beers in bottle.

The beers of La Flaque—a gypsy brewer, but with their roots in Forest—seem to be popping up in Brussels bars more and more often, and Addict Bar was no exception. Their Fractale should even be available on draught, but they had just ran out when we visited.

The food offering is a bit limited: artisanal cheese and crisps. Don’t hesitate to bring your non-beer drinking friends here for after dinner drinks though, because they do make quite a few cocktails as well, and they seem to be quite good at that as well. Flavourful drinks for everyone!



  • 7 beers on draught
    • 4 of those from independent breweries, amongst which De la Senne and L’Ermitage
  • A couple of big fridges with the owners’ favourite beers


  • Artisanal cheese, 200g or 400g
  • Crisps
Addict Bar
Chaussee de Waterloosesteenweg 327
1060 Sint-Gillis
+32 2 534 63 28

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